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Is R&S English 8 worth it?

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We have done r&s english(grammar portion) since grade 3 and would be in 8 next year. My daughter has already learned far more grammar than I ever did. She is heading to public school for 9th so I'm trying to decide if it is worth the time to do level 8. There are just so many things I want to squeeze in in this last year together! What would be the benefit to finishing it out one more year?




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My two oldest started Rod & Staff English in third grade and went through the end of the eighth grade book. I plan to have my remaining children do the same—I'm a huge fan of the program. I think it has served them well, for being prepared for a dual enrollment community college writing course and for SAT type stuff.


That said, the eighth grade book does have material where it really gets into the finer points of grammar, and I can see where one might forgo it to make time for other subjects. For us, I felt doing the book was worth it overall as their last, thorough touch on formal grammar for the rest of their lives. :)


Erica in OR

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My first two never made it through 8. They'd used R&S English since the 4 or 5 book. 8 just got so tedious and the been-there-done-that feeling was overwhelming all of us. They barely made any mistakes. We shelved it.


I didn't bother with kid #3.

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My kids went through book 8.  DS actually asked to not do 8 and tried easy grammar.  He was 2 weeks in and asked to go back to R&S b/c he said it explained things  better, even if wordy.  DD skipped from 6 to 8 since it keeps building, she felt up to the challenge to understand the jump.  And she was fine.  


I'm glad we went through the 8th book b/c it did have very advanced topics.  I do feel like they had a solid grammar background.  One has retained this info, however one child has not and will be needing some review next year to help with writing b/c the grammar basics aren't easy to recall for this kid.  


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I am doing R&S 8 this year with my 8th grader. We spend a short amount of time on it, skip most of the composition exercises, and do a lot of it orally. It is good review and practice, and it makes a nice final grammar program before heading into high school.


However, I think you would be fine to skip it if you have other things to do that are more important. Completing R&S 7 gives your student more than enough grammar knowledge for life.

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