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Combined Curriculum High School

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My youngest DD is starting high school next year.  I have used HOAW and HOMW and WTM literature lists for my older two kids. But with DD2, I believe she would do better with another curriculum. I'm thinking something like My Father's World, where History, Literature, Writing and Bible are all integrated and complement each other together in one package.  But when I look at MFW, its not exactly the scope and sequence I would like to follow.  What else is similarly available for high school in an integrated, combined package?

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There is not as much discussion on here around combined curriculum as most like to pick and choose based upon individual subjects. But it doesn't sound like you are asking about 'all' subjects. Rather you want writing, lit and history combined from a biblical perspective. Maybe something like Memorial Press or Heart of Dakota? We don't use these but I'm sure some might.


Here another thread talking about some of the options: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/621487-box-checkers-boxed-curriculum/


And one more: https://simplycharlottemason.com/scmforum/topic/if-you-had-to-choose-a-boxed-curriculum/

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