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What art book do you love?


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I would like a book that:

- Has decent sized, full color pictures

- Has information about the artists and the particular piece of art

- Is interesting for upper elementary/ middle school age

- Is inexpensive

- No projects, just art appreciation


I don't want to do a curriculum, just introduce some art appreciation into our morning time.  I'd like it to be in a book format so that we can just add it to our couch time, when we do Bible and poetry.  I'm looking at some of the Usborne books, but they don't have samples so I can't tell exactly what is inside.

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Sister Wendy's 1000 Masterpieces is just full color pictures with extra info and SW's commentary.


Her Story of Painting covers art in chronological order.


The Annotated Mona Lisa is similar to Story of Painting; more info and not as many pictures. It's more like a school book.

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I love the Usborne Introduction to Art. It is beautiful and fantastic. I also have their Famous Artists one. Sometimes we go and read a biography of the artists from there after learning about them somewhere else or after studying a painting from the Intro to Art. 


I do also have the Annotated Mona Lisa mentioned above. It does give more info about composition and history than the Intro to Art. It is meant for older students, but the Intro gives a lot of info about history and composition as well I think. And it has much better pictures, many full page or at least half pages, all in color. The Mona Lisa has mostly very small pictures, like very small, and most are black and white. It is more reading about the art than appreciating it. It is a good complement to the Intro to Art (as is the other Usborne Famous Artists one that I have. But that info can really be looked up on wikipedia or something after reading the Intro.) 

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