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WTMA Bio for 8th grader? (X-post to high school board)

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Can anyone who has experience with WTMA Biology comment on whether they feel it would be appropriate for a mature, motivated 8th grade student? She is a strong reader/writer, has already completed Algebra 1 (though I'm going to have her repeat it with another program next year), but does not have a ton of science background. She is doing DO Physical Science now. My other alternative is WHA's Logic Stage life science, but I would prefer a secular course.

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My ds15 took this class last year in 8th grade. There were a few 7th and 8th graders in the class. He worked hard and did well. The discussion forum took quite a bit of time until he got the hang of it. The class was a challenge for him and took more effort than he was used to giving. Overall, It was a great experience for him, and he learned a great deal.

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