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If you use History Odyssey and Human Odyssey together


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Hi ladies

I've read on several threads here that people use Pandia Press' History Odyssey and use K12 Human Odyssey as their main spine. I'm curious why you don't just use the text and move chapter to chapter? Why do you like to combine the two? For activities?

Trying to figure out next year for early modern. Human Odyssey is the top contender right now and wondering if I should add history odyssey along with it.


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I actually did both this year.


My dd#2 just pretty much covered the K12 book, chapter-by-chapter. I added mapping activities and a few other books. She kept a notebook as she went through.


My dd#3 did the older version of History Odyssey Level 2 (tweaked to use a different spine, but not the K12 book).


I didn't want them competing to use the same book & doing the exact same work, so that was my compromise. I think that a lot of people who use the K12 book do so because they picked it to take the place of Van Loon's book, which was recommended (at least, it used to be recommended). They like the scheduling of HO, but don't like the spine? The K12 book is very readable, but HO covers several other people & places in history than the K12 book does. (I added some of them back into older dd's reading/note taking schedule.)


Does that make sense?

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We used HO2 Ancients 5 years ago, so I'm assuming that is the older/unrevised program. I love the WTM history based notebook, and HO is based upon that concept. HO covered more people and events than the Human Odyssey text plus it included the timeline and mapwork. DS and I both found HO to be too jumpy and neither of us cared for the red KFH. The k12 Human Odyssey text was laid out nicely, and I preferred the way the info was presented.


I guess you can say that HO supplemented the Human Odyssey text. The situation was not ideal. If you decide to pick up HO, purchase it on sale. Do not pay full price.

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