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Hey, everyone!  I have not been here in quite a while, but I still see lots of familiar names on the boards.  :)


I homeschooled my DS for a few years and we're now in his 3rd year of private school.  He's in 8th grade and doing really well.  It's mostly a very good fit for him, although we both miss homeschooling to some degree.  I've been a professional "squeaky wheel" to get him courses and opportunities that he needs and most of the time it goes well, they've agreed to a few online courses and have accelerated him where he needs it.


Anyway, I stayed off the boards for a long time because I was conflicted and somewhat mourning the change of him returning to school, and needed the break to move on.  The other day I needed to look up some reviews for an online course we were thinking about doing, and I thought, what better place to check than the WTM forums?  Then I missed the place so had to start reading and finally decided to say hi.  :wub:


Hope that all is well with everyone... I may try to stick around a bit on the chat and afterschooling boards... and probably start stalking the high school and college boards.  :scared:




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