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It's not fair!


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First I spend a week being sick, so we hardly get any schoolwork or housework done because omg I was sooooo miserable. And now I'm better (mostly) and the girls are sick! So is housework getting done? Is schoolwork getting done? No, they're coughing and sleeping.


Why can't we get sick at the same time for a change? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS?




If the girls complain about doing schoolwork and scrubbing the entire house when all their friends do midwinter recess I'm going to be like "Yo, you could've done twice the work the week I was sick and been prepared, but instead you took a week off, and I don't hold it against you, but...."

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You have my sympathies because we are in the same boat!!! This is week three of illness for us, 4/5 of us have had it and I just want to scream. I started sneezing and congestion today and if I'm getting something new I just might lose it. Of course, it can never hit at the same week and just be over. It's been this slow trickle of one person at a time- right when the last person feels slightly better, next person is catching it.  :banghead:  Dh had to stay home today because I was up all night with sick ds5, dd14 is still not 100%,  but dd4  is rip roaring to go and I knew it would be too much for me to keep her happy and everyone else tended to. Now dh just came in and told me his throat hurts. I might cry.  :crying:


Hope you recover and your girls feel better soon. It definitely sucks. And nope. Not fair. Not fair at all! 

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