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Flax seed - how to use them?

Liz CA

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well they are supposed to have some very healthy and important oils in them that can go rancid easily so I've read to grind them up and eat them right away.  They can be used as an egg replacement in recipes by allowing the ground seeds to absorb water/milk and I've had very good success using them this way.  But, it sounds like that's what happened in your yogurt and that's not so good! lol  Unless you eat it right away.


Lately I"ve been grinding them up and using them in our pancake mix.  Any flour type item you are making, they will blend right in with the batter/dough.  I've also sprinkled the (after grinding) on top of salads and granola.



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I put it in meusli, which I eat with kefir.  It's mixed with other things so I've never had a problem with it swelling.  That sounds more like chia seeds to me.


Also use it when I bake whole wheat bread; when I bake I sub 1 cup of "stuff" for 1 cup of flour.  "Stuff" is a mix of various things we like.  Some oatmeal, maybe, or wheat germ, or cracked wheat... or a combination of things.   Probably a tablespoon or two of flax meal mixed in with the other stuff. 


Oh, and I use it ground up!  Not whole.   I just buy the bag of ground seeds and keep it in the freezer.

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