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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Morning all! I wish it would snow here. Instead, we have more rain in our forecast - boo!


•clean out fridge

•gather up all bedding to wash

•water plants

•feed birds

•scoop front yard

•clean stalls

•laundry (get as much bedding washed today as possible)



•clean bathrooms

•mop kitchen floor

•dinner is a mystery at this point

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I want snow too!!!!!!!


We just get overcast and rain, boo hiss


Unload dishwasher

Hang laundry

Set up free trial


make a good dinner tonight

Clean up loft

Get taxes ready to drop off tomorrow

Begin making plans to switch home school back to kitchen/dining room and make formal dining room exercise room

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Good morning! I am back from am practice and feel like I am behind already. Ds2 is heading to his class soon and I must not forget guitar!


To do:


school with ds3


kitchen clean up and general chores


jen things (start new library book)

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Have a great day!

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Gray and raining here. Blah. Snow would be more fun! But we have loads of special stuff to do this week and snow shuts everything down here.



Get patches for ds' jeans

Load my car with consignment items

Make sure kids fold their laundry and put it away


Dinner - fish, potatoes, and brussels sprouts casserole


Pinewood Derby!! 


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Some school

Take down the popcorn ceiling.


I am feeling like ME today and I am hoping my balance issues aren't going to bite me in the tail when I get up on that ladder.  This MS crap isn't fun all the time.  (roll eyes)


DH is gone on business - we are going to live on leftovers and get some remodeling stuff done to surprise him!

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I went back to bed after sending the kids off to school, and slept until 11:00.


Been relatively productive since then.  Hoping to get lots of work out.


Unfortunately, I have 2 conference calls coming up - ugh.


Need to pick up kids at 6pm, then gymnastics.


Gotta go now - call in a few minutes ....

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got a shower this morning


Cleaned house a bit


Played with the new puppy


Took him out a lot.  It is really warm here. 

we even went on 2 walks




put away the grocery shopping






Dance class for 4 kids tonight. 


I need to make some phone calls today.

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OK - power went out briefly a couple of times but now it is on and holding.


We all got a hot breakfast.

I got a hot shower.

Pet care is all done though Rocky had a tough time initially because he couldn't get up the very snowy steps and I had to bring him in through the basement.

I made the school schedule for the week and gave dd the sad news that she still has school today.

We all took turns shoveling though it is now snowing more and covering up what we cleared.

Medical care is done.

Which reminds me that I'm only halfway through filling the pill boxes.  Got to go. . .

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Drove to grocery store and stocked up on a few things. 

Just got the word that ds' work is closed (or at least his team isn't there so he can't really do his job)

Neighbor has borrowed the snow shovel.

Put mail out because "neither snow nor rain nor heat". . . .

Froze my fingers off digging the overturned garbage can out of the snow including trying to find as much of the spilled trash as possible.

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Stumbled through the first conference call.  Truth be told, I was not prepared for it.  It's been about 2 years since I did this and I need to get back up to speed.  Luckily my part was just a short snippet at the end and nobody cared at that point.  :P


The second conf call was postponed until tomorrow.


Now I could use another nap, but I have to leave to pick up my kids in about an hour, so I'm not sure I should risk it.

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