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Italian for 8 yo?


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I definitely wouldn't pay for Rosetta Stone when you have a native speaker at hand! 


Check your library - many offer Duolingo or Mango for free. They also usually have "intro for kids" style books, often in dictionary style, but a good library will have more variety and maybe even some regular kid books. Amazon has a ton of children's books in Italian. 


There are a bunch of kid-oriented videos on youTube; I can't direct you to specific ones, but just search "Italian for kids" and you'll get a bunch of hits. 


If you have access to any TV shows in Italian, that's another great resource. We found quite a few in French and of course there's a million in Spanish, but Italian might be harder. 


Songs are also great.


Honestly, with a native speaker at hand, I don't know if I would work through a text at such a young age. Kid books are going to start with numbers and colors and common objects and verbs, which is something you could do as simple copy work. When my kids started in Latin, we did a short copy work phrase every day, once in English, once in Latin. We moved on to longer phrases and quotes as we went. 


I would spend my money on books for dh to read to him, DVDs to watch, and otherwise rely on free resources (or almost free, like printing copy work). If you can find any books in Italian that he has already read and liked in English, that is a great way to build vocabulary and fluency. 


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