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New Lukeion Classes: Latin Transition and Composition & Research Writing

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Lukeion just released their schedule for next year, and there are some new offerings:

"Latin Transition is an intermediary class between Latin 2 and 3. Combining grammar review, translating authentic Latin, and academic essay writing, Latin Transition is designed for those students who have had all or most of the basic grammar covered in Wheelock but would like a stronger grammatical foundation or to continue in Latin at a slower pace than Latin 3."   Taught by Sue Fisher.


"Composition and Research Writing will cover the basics of academic writing including thesis statements, topic sentences, academic tone, active vs. passive voice and other elements necessary to succeed in college composition classes. The assignments will be short and skill-based. We will write several papers of 2-3 pages that give the student an opportunity to thoroughly practice the skills being taught."  Fall semester, taught by R. Baty.

(Spring semester Regan will be teaching Advanced Research Writing.)


The Classical Bard will also be offered again next year:
"The Bard of Avon loved Classical themes almost as much as we do. Get ready to visit some of his very best pieces in this one semester course. We will cover Shakespeare’s Roman plays (Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, & Coriolanus) plus A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in ancient Athens. Along the way we will examine how ancient writers influenced Shakespeare’s ideas. Expect exams and various writing projects. There will be group reading (of course) so a microphone is required."   Spring semester, t
aught by R. Baty.


Of course all of the usual Lukeion language, literature, history, and grammar/vocab courses are also on offer. Registration opens February 15 for current students and March 1 for new students. You can see the full listing of courses for next year here.



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