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Online synchronous classes for U.S. History

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Dear all. I am in the midst of High school planning for my rising 9th grader and a bit harried because I know Online classes will be registering soon. My DD enjoys synchronous classes and I am looking at WTMA U.S. History, AIM academy with Lisa Hawkins and US history A at Online G3 with Galahad (High school American Narratives book, not Hakim). I have read good things about Ms. Brian's class at WTMA but not much about the latter two. Any experiences? 

Thank you for all your collective wisdom. This forum has been invaluable for High school planning. 

Regards, Ann. 

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G3 classes are very light on output and do not generally have graded output unless you do an optional writing supplement for the A-G approved ones (which we have not yet done). The discussion is usually very high level, both online and live, and is the main point of the class. Galahad is an engaging instructor and good at keeping the kids on task. G3's primary market is younger students who are ready for higher levels of input, and teen focus classes start at age 12. I have found them a good resource (although my DD has not yet taken that particular class because we're saving US history for high school credit for when she's officially in high school since it's required in my state), but I do generally add more structured writing and do the grading myself.





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I went with the US History class at Memoria Press Academy.  We have never had a class there before but I have always thought their materials were solid and the few reviews I found were positive.


I love WTMA and wanted to use them as much as possible but I was concerned that the US History course seems to be geared to the older high school student. That gave me pause as well as the increased cost of WTMA this year.


So we are giving Memoria Press a try.  They have three levels of US History and I chose the college prep level and registered with an early discount.  If anyone has any thoughts on this class I'd love to hear them.

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