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Duolingo App Question-Lingots for Clothes?


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Hi Everyone,



My son worked really hard to earn 30 lingots to buy the "champagne track suit" for his owl in duolingo.   Now that he has purchased this track suit, how does he see it?     I know that this is a silly question, but when you are 10 this is a BIG deal.   :)     He has been doing extra duolingo all week in order to get this track suit....I don't want him to feel discouraged.   




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I thought you might be interested in knowing that's he better start saving up lingots. More things are coming to the store in the next few months. :)




My youngest son is excited for the update to the store. Strangely my eldest isn't, and he has so many lingots, almost 2000.

Ooh, this might reignite some interest in DL for my daughter! It's amazing how much time she will spend in "shops" in any game.

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How do I turn on the coaching feature?   We are using duolingo on an ipad, and there is no coach that pops up.   I can't even find how to get to the settings. 


Whenever you finish a lesson (on the mobile app version of duolingo) it takes you to a screen that shows your streak length and your progress for the last week.  Duo the owl is also there telling you how you are doing on your daily goal: "You've met your daily goal!" or "You need to earn 10 XP in order to meet your daily goal.".


That is where you will see that he is wearing one of the outfits.



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