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If you have a word of the year....


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How does it impact your day? How do you focus on it? Its different than anything I've done before.


(I realize I'm a month late. Someone told me this year started February 1. January was a trial month. I'm operating under this statement ☺)

I decided this yesterday,  :lol:


I'm really good at obsessing over things so keeping the "word" (mine's Finish, as in finish what you start) isn't much of a problem for me. It just pops in my head when I need it to,then I have a whiny argument with myself, before I get to it.  I'm not sure how it impacts my daily life other than to remind me that I've assessed this as a problem and it needs to be fixed.... I'm a fixer so I guess picking this word just helps me prioritize the particular problem.

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Mine is 'Declutter' and I am applying it in lots of ways.


Body clutter, home clutter, timesuck clutter (ahem), emotional clutter.  


I'm not picking a monthly theme.  Decluttering IS my theme, and I tick off decluttering achievement every day.

In theory I should be journalling this.  But I'm not, at least not very well.

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Last year, my word was Joy - as in Choose Joy. I focused on Scripture verses that talked about Joy, and used them to meditate on when life was difficult.


I found it to be very helpful over the year.


I haven't chosen a word this year - just no inspiration as yet....



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Mine is commit.


Commit to eating well.

Commit to daily exercise.

Commit to trying new things.

Commit to the big scary ski hill.

Commit to turning off the news.

Commit to random daily acts of kindness.

Commit to standing up.

Commit to friend time.

Commit to saying yes.



It is definitely at the forefront of my mind every day, and every year I am surprised by how positive a force it is for me. :)

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Engage is my word for 2017.


My 'life word' (Adopted as a One Little Word several years ago then becoming more of a part of my whole life) is Abide.


I try to keep it in mind when making decisions and when struggling through a day. I've participated in Ali Edwards ongoing class on One Little Word in the past.


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My word this year is intentional.    As I move into the next phase of life, I want to live it to the fullest.  This requires more thought because  I'm not certain what will make my life the fullest.  I'm choosing to let it impact my day by praying in the morning over decisions and activities then using the time after prayer to plan my day.  I'm also taking time each week to reflect on the previous week and to see if it reflected what I really wanted to accomplish.  Then, I adjust as needed and plan my next week.  

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My word is fearless.


My December was wrought with fear. It is the worst I've ever felt. So much I could have changed had I been fearless.


That's the focus. Try things that scare me. Have hard conversations. Choose to be brave at work-choosing things that are hard and not be afraid of failing.

Not to let fear of failing, disappointment, letting others down, timidity rule my life.


Eta: also, it may mean confronting things that scare me. Things happening world wide, with our country, with my town. WHAT am I really afraid of? How can I change the outcome? How can I help others? How can I alleviate those feelings of dread?


Thanks everyone for sharing your words... Talking this out is helpful

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Mine is patience.


Patience with myself and my heath, with DS and homeschooling challenges, with my family, with my goals and my life.


Not too concrete, but I've found myself thinking about it a lot randomly, and purposefully yesterday as an example when I was losing patience with DS. I decided the homeschool lesson struggle wasn't something I needed to engage in, we'd do it another time, and then I walked away and did chores.


I should probably get a frame with the word (maybe I could cross stitch it!), or a better reminder for me.

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