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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Let's see . . . 



Clean kitchen

Make phone calls and send emails for stuff going on

Teens up and doing their stuff

18 yo needs a haircut & print out his resume to take around

Mass at 12:10

Maybe lunch out somewhere

library - return overdue books

15 yo to math tutor

drop 15 yo off friends

Make mac cheese

Adoration at 5


Latin homework?


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call dr. office and figure out why they don't have insurance info

more coffee

bible time

do barton with all four this morning - no excuses

school stuff

play practice this afternoon for two

hang up a couple pictures in the little girls room that i found last night


potentially pick up a replacement for the keyboard - the right shift key isn't working and apparently that is the one I use the most to capitalize, lol.

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Good morning! Finally, Friday! I am back from am practice run. Dd2 has conference prelims today, so she will be late getting home. Ds2 volunteers at the library and has aikido and ds3 has lots of school work (lucky kid) and swim practice later.


To do:

daily chores

kitchen chores

sandwich quilt (when ds2 is gone)

general pickup

watch meet mobile for dd1's meet/dd2's meet

jen things

pm practice/swim/aikido

pick up dd2

pick up boys


Have a great day!

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Friday!  I can't leave the house until UPS delivers something - I have to sign for it. I missed it yesterday, so I'm planning a nice lazy morning... 


To do:

tidy up

update budget




work on agenda for meeting

work on some other work stuff

send out agenda

11am meeting


stuff for care package


package was delivered, so I can leave the house!  Unfortunately, it's about 5* out there and all I want to do is snuggle under the blanket!  Brrr!


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It's been a busy day.  Having most of the big deadlines behind me, and being home alone most of the day, I decided to go through boxes / files of old papers and organize them.  I got rid of so much paper (was important once, now it's garbage).  Before kids, I never used to let stuff pile up, but ....  I also did some more cleaning / organizing in the kids' rooms.  And did maybe 1-2 hours of "work" in between.  I still have lots of organizing left to do, but hopefully I can do a little here and there until it gets back in shape.  (Though, I seem to recall saying that many times over the past 9 years.)


This evening, my kids had the first half of a basketball tournament.  My kids are true novices, having only played 3 or 4 games before, so we are just in it for the experience.  I had secretly hoped they would be eliminated tonight and not have to play tomorrow.  But it turns out that the info I was given was wrong - everyone has to play tomorrow, and our games start at 9am.  Blah!  Now I think I'll go to bed early so I don't risk oversleeping in the morning.

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