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New fibromyalgia question


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I didn't answer in your other thread, because it was well covered.  :)


I have fibro, among a multitude of diagnoses.  Actually, my fibro symptoms are much, much improved and only occasionally flare now.  So I don't feel like the best person to answer, but numbness was a huge thing for me at the beginning, so I feel compelled to share.


I had numbness and tingling in my extremities. It was one of my first signs that things were wrong. That progressed to burning - peripheral neuropathy - that was excruciating.    That and sore soles of the feet, especially in the morning, oh my.  It made walking down the stairs to get coffee - and then picking up that coffee cup - soooooo hard.  Ouch.  :(


Those particular symptoms I *don't* associate with my fibro diagnosis.  But - it's hard to pinpoint which condition causes which issue.  


I hope you find answers.

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