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FYI: Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship (entering 8th grade in Fall)deadline on April 5, 2017


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" Am I eligible to apply?


To be eligible for the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program, the applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements:


Grade level – Entering 8th grade in the fall of 2017.

Academics – Since the beginning of 6th grade, have earned grades of all or mostly As in school with no C's or below in core academic subjects (English/language arts, math, science, social studies/history).*

Testing – The official score report from the applicant's state standardized testing. If the applicant has taken the SAT or ACT through a regional talent center, they should also submit their score reports.

Income – Family income does not exceed $95,000. The average family income of entering Cooke Young Scholars is approximately $25,000. In recent years nearly all Cooke Young Scholars have come from families with incomes below $60,000.

Location – Reside in the U.S. or a U.S. territory and plan to attend high school in the U.S. "


"How can I use the scholarship?


While Cooke Young Scholars are selected in the 8th grade, funding for services does not begin until the summer before 9th grade. Successful Cooke Young Scholars use the scholarship to nurture academic skills, explore passions and interests, and stretch outside of their comfort zone. Cooke Young Scholars also make the most of their relationship with their educational adviser to learn how to set goals, make educational decisions, maximize opportunities, succeed in high school and prepare for college.


Does the Young Scholars Program primarily provide boarding school scholarships?


No, the primary purpose of the program is to find challenging educational experiences for high school students. In only some cases does this include support for private boarding school. Educational advisers work with Cooke Young Scholars and their families to determine the suitability of their local public or magnet schools. Where suitable local school opportunities are available, scholarship funds will be used to enhance local educational opportunities through distance learning courses, summer programs, and other services. "



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