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The Romance of Physics by Keith Irwin

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I'm trying to track down a good "living story" to be read aloud for physics. 


If any of you have read the following, I'd really appreciate some input on which was most narrative, which was most clear, which best engaged your child, and which was most age-appropriate for grade 4-6.


The Romance of Physics by Keith Irwin

Secrets of the Universe by Paul Fleisher (and any tips on landing a copy?)

Mr. Tompkins OR Gravity by George Gamow (Gravity has more of the same content as the other two, but seems less narrative?)


Or, is there something I am missing that is even better?


Thanks for your help!

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That's great to know. Thanks! 


Was this your 10 yo son? And, where would you say it falls on the continuum between a story and a textbook?


Yes, it was for my 10yo son.  We borrowed the first one about a year ago, right around his 10th birthday.  The books aren't stories but they are more engaging than a textbook.  Science concepts as well as information about the scientists who discovered them are included.

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