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Mastalgia during perimenopause?


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I had to google 'mastalgia' because I'd never heard of it before.  Two nights ago I was sleeping on my stomach & lifted myself up to turn over.  My books were so sore & tender - equally on both sides - I thought maybe I was sore from over-doing something, but I ruled that out.  I normally feel tenderness the week before my cycle, but this is about 2 weeks after.  I immediately got nervous....googling illnesses always comes up with something fatal.   :tongue_smilie:


I did take a pain-reliever and that has really helped, but I hate to do that often.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this & what steps do you take for relief?

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It really surprised me that it is even a 'thing'.  It seems like it's not talked about.  Thank you, the ibuprofen did help a lot today.  


You see breast tenderness/soreness/pain listed in a lot of articles about perimenopause. This is the first time I'd heard the term mastalgia.


Wearing a tight sports bra during the day and a stretchy, light support one at night was also something that really helped me. I don't think I would have made it through perimenopause w/o sports bras!

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