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To Continue with AoPS or Not....

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Probably a little late to the discussion, nevertheless; DD has had her share of math curricula thanks to an overenthusiastic mum. MEP, AoPS, Singapore Math, Jacobs, Dolciani, Foerster, and Indian authored textbooks.


After a lot of $$$, I've come to the conclusion that her best math resource? Me! :lol: . On a serious note, Foerster has come closest to having the right balance of application+concept for my DD. ymmv.


P.S. I really really like 'Algebra' - Gelfand. If I could go back in time and redo *my* math schooling, I would choose Gelfand.


ETA: On second thought, deleted my opinion on AoPS. Don't want to get into that discussion online.

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I do have to randomly test retention for my younger but I would need to check his retention regardless of what math curriculum he use. Whatever he has no interest in leaks out his ears. He forgot how to do a simple probability question yesterday and had to really think about it. The last time he did probability was more than two years ago so I can't really blame him or the curriculum.


(ETA: older did a test prep sat math 2 and finished within the hour all questions. So retention wasn't too bad. He finished precalc in spring 2016)



I think the "aops is the best" intensify when Beast Academy books were announced. Then it became a BA books followed by AoPS books being the recommended combination mentality.

Stewart's calculus books are my backup plan for my younger boy because we were given some old editions free by friends. Old bland books work better for this kid of mine.

My oldest tends to wake up in time for lunch. I get it about time crunch.


I don't know.  BA could be a whole other discussion.  It's cute/fun, but to me nothing all that special.  But maybe because we were already doing or had already done a lot of what was in it. 

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DD13 is now using Jacob's Algebra, after completing AoPS Prealgebra.


For me, the switch was based on the fact that she was spending more emotional energy on AoPS than she was on learning the concepts.  And it is imperative, to me, that she has a solid grasp on algebra.


Yes, she was learning to persist with AoPS.  


But you know what?  She still is with Jacobs.  She teaches herself using Jacobs.  That isn't a skill most 13 year olds have.  And sometimes she struggles with the puzzles.  She continues to visit alcumus and RR videos.  


Recently, I questioned whether this was the best approach for her.  I had her work through a chapter of DO and his videos.  Her response?  I don't like it.  He tells me everything that I need to do. I like figuring that out for myself.


Finding that sweet spot can take a while.  Feeling confident that it IS the sweet spot can be elusive.



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I didn't think the original post was "only AOPS could ever be good enough", rather the opposite, in fact. It's just when somebody starts asking about AOPS the hysterics come out and the thread derails completely.


So much of what is being said is basically true on the factual level, but the emotional smugness or defensiveness goes nuts.


Were we all traumatized by high school math as kids?


My general advice with math is:


1. For goodness sakes, pick ONE, don't "supplement" to the point where the kid has to do everything three times before you believe it's good enough. When someone asks for ideas for a math supplement, I usually ask "what topic?" If the answer is "all of them," then I try to really understand what the person is trying to accomplish.


2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The best math book for next year is often the next one in the curriculum you are already doing.

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FTR I actually wasn't traumatized by math in hs, I quite enjoyed it, but my son is pretty much the exact opposite of me.


We did just do 1 program in the elementary years but then it got to the point that we started running out of Right Start and it was just no longer a good fit (my easy going I love math son started hating math- which led to my epic relaxed math thread). They rec. we go to their pre-A but I didn't believe he was ready (he wasn't). So, we used Beast Academy, which was great except the mastery nature required review for my son so we used various programs to fill in review for him and other resources we used just for fun, because we enjoy such things. I'd love to find 1 perfect fit and not have to worry about using multiple programs for him but conceptual based + spiral don't seem to go hand in hand so we are making do.


My daughter on the other hands is like me and does well with incremental programs which have plenty of review, she only does 1 program.

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