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I just ate that (spin on would you eat this)...


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I spent my 29th birthday barhopping with friends.  Along the way we picked up some chicken salad at a Chinese restaurant.  We ate some of it in one of the bars, and then the leftovers ended up in my car.


The next morning when I woke up, I was craving more of that chicken salad.  So, I got it out of the car and ate it.   


It was March so it wasn't hot in the car overnight, but it was California (Bay Area) so not real cold either, probably...




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You are brave. I don't take any chances. I throw away anything cooked left over for 2 days, never eat anything left out more than 2 hours and countless pound of meat if it's uncooked in fridge 2 days. I don't want that kind of illness ever again, one food poisoning in a lifetime is more than enough for me.

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LOL -- I wouldn't, but I was in the hospital for 4 days with food poisoning in college, so I'm paranoid. There were so many sick that they only put the sickest of us into the small local hospital, and everyone else was cared for in the college gym. The state investigated, and it was the lettuce in the salad bar. Sigh.

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