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Lukeion's Muse on the Loose

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It looks like a Great Books class. I've been with Lukeion for 3 years and really hadn't looked into their other classes. I know Mrs. Barr was just mentioned classes that would help with AP Latin during yesterday's class, but I wasn't quite focused on what she said. Maybe I'll listen to the recording.


How many hours per week on average is required for this class? And, is there some writing prerequisite like knowing how to write a 5 paragraph essay?

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It is a Lukeion class so the workload is heavier for some.  In my personal opinion, one of the prerequisites should be a vivid imagination besides solid writing skills but one does not need to know how to write a 5 paragraph essay.  The papers were rather inventive as opposed to standard academic writing.  For example one of them was a discussion in a coffee shop between Socrates and your student, another was a paper written from the point of view of a woman (it related to Catullus' affair with Cynthia, should she accept him or should she sent him packing in form of a poem), yet another was to transform a soap opera (the format of soaps is based on Greek comedy) into a Greek style comedy.


It is really a creative writing class using the formats and topics of Greek and Roman literature.  For my straight laced son it was quite the challenge but he did well.  Learning about the literature helped him gain a much deeper understanding of the culture and see the many parallels to our current society, it has made the past come alive for him. However, we love ancient history and history in general; we have many discussions on politics and society at home so for him it was a valuable class.  


How fitting the class is for a student may also depend on age and your outlook.  Greek manners were rather crude to our understanding and that carried into the literature and performing arts.

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