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This 48 year old mom admits she was wrong about the texting


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It can be awesome! I'm currently in the hospital recovering from surgery. My throat is sore and voice is hoarse from intubation.


I just spent a very enjoyable evening texting with two DDs and one sister. Loved it. I just got my very first smartphone at Christmas. I still don't heavily use it. But it was perfect for today.

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I hope you feel better :grouphug:


All five of our grown kids plus my husband and I are on a giant group text that has been going on forever. That's where we go to goof off, post happenings, share dumb cartoons or picturez, and urge each other to take political actions. Sort of like Facebook but way more private :)

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Aww, ya'll are so sweet. Thank you for all the wishes, hopes, and prayers; all are gratefully accepted.


I wanted to post about my reversal of position on texting and wanted to set up the situation that convinced me. Was not expecting all the comments on recovery. Surgery was this morning and I immediately felt better than before surgery overall. Even the case manager nurse commented that she could tell that I was feeling better by the smile on my face.

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