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Spanish 2 alternatives after Gamache Spanish 1

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Ds is really burned out with the heavy workload with Sr. Gamache's Spanish 1. He likes structure and predictability and even workload such as TPS Narnia class that he is taking now concurrently. It is highly likely that we will have to switch to another Spanish 2 online provider. If you have had similar experience, please share what you do. Thank you for your help!

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Just wondering if this ds is the one that is only 11 years old.  If so, I could see why he might feel overloaded.  My dd is taking Gamache's Spanish 1 this year and LOVES it (but, then again, she is 15).


Sorry I don't have any alternatives to offer but I do hope you find something that works well for him.



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We were with Gamache when DD was 9 years old, and I do understand there is an amount of work geared towards high school kids. I was fine with whatever DD wanted to do or not wanted to do. We just wanted to make sure she was learning grammar in a systematic way. Of course we didn't continue with him for Spanish 2, not necessarily because of the workload, just went on our own way with different tutors.


Sra. Lamolinara of Excelsior is great. We're now in Spanish 3 and the workload seems very little for high school level. It's hard for me to judge whether the workload is appropriate since DD has more experience in Spanish than the average Spanish 3 student, so maybe it doesn't take as much time. And, it's just the right workload for us since I don't really need a class that requires one hour per day. Lots of written work is not going to get us to fluency without lots of conversation time.

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If this is for an 11 year old, have you tried the logic stage board?  A class that might be great for a 13-16 year old, might be a poor choice for a 10-12 year old.  An 11 year old can learn a foreign language much better but in a different manner than an older student.  Sorry that I don't know of good recommendations, but I hope you find a good class for your DS!


On a separate but related note, I certainly agree with the PP that "lots of written work is not going to get us to fluency without lots of conversation time."

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