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Thoughts on Time4Learning?


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What are your thoughts on Time4Learning? I am considering switching to something online courses. I'm not sold on the idea yet but just considering all of my options. One is sending to public school which I don't think either of us is ready for that. I'd also like to be free of all the grading haha if possible because I find I'm needing to help my aging Mom more often. What are your thoughts on Time4Learning? She will be in 6th grade and another child in 5th.

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We used Time4Learning for about 6 months when I returned to work.  My mother was watching the kids and didn't feel capable of teaching them at all, or even going over worksheets with them. 


It worked fine for us.  Dd was in 1st grade and took a really big jump in her reading ability while doing it.  Ds was in 3rd grade.

It is NOT rigorous but they can work one grade level up and one grade level down from their assigned grade, different grades for different subjects which helped.

Both kids were able to do T4L for 6 months and then go back to Math Mammoth at the correct grade level so they did progress appropriately.


I didn't like the Science and Social Studies but it wasn't awful if supplemented with extra books and videos.


For us, given the reasons we homeschool (ds is 2E and dd has anxiety), it was better than putting them in public school.   They were able to progress at their own pace without the problems we would have faced in public school.   It just wasn't as rigorous and customized as I prefer.  We use a variety of easy to plan, easy to correct resources now (Math Mammoth, Write On!, Mosdos Press, Evan Moor, History Odyssey).

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I use time4learning this year for a few of my kiddos. The reasons were personality conflicts between me and my daughter, and also because I am fighting many sicknesses this year.


It really works well for us. Is it something I want to use every year? Not sure. My kiddos are learning, and I am able to keep them home and stay on track. We also use Acellusas well.

Both online curriculum have helped me keep my sanity.


Time4learning also comes with printed worksheets the kiddos can do. You will want to take advantage of middle school science classes, instead of the 5th and 6th grade science courses. They are so much better.


History is a little blah, so you could always have your children listen to Story of the World audio CDs while doing the activity pages instead.

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We have used T4L since I began homeschooling 6 years ago.  It isn't all we use because I like to implement & alternate other things but we rely on it heavily & it has been great for us.  It is one of the few, curriculum that we have used consistently throughout the 6yrs. 


I work full time so the auto-grade feature & lesson planning is so great for me. I have played a little with Acellus because I have heard really great things about it  but I have been lazy following through with it because I don't want to learn to navigate a different website.  I think Acellus is user-friendly but I want to put ZERO effort into learning it.  lol. Right now, with T4L, they sign on & they're off to the races & I can run a report to check how long they spent on the assignment & their scores.  


My 7th grade son loves the format & it is easy to navigate & he loves to be on the computer.  My 6th grade dd doesn't like it quite as much as he but it is because she prefers books but this full-time working mom needs her to use this format. But, for her I assign more workbook type stuff.  



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