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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Same old, same old!


Get chicken out of freezer

Send email to someone about hypothermia shelter stuff


Clean kitchen

Run to church to see if that is where missing cell phone is! (that's not same old, same old) (buy aluminium baking pans on way home)

Get kids up and watch remaining part of video on Michelangelo

Do some Latin with kids

15 has math homework

Help 18 job hunt - on line applications are awful

At some point take friend to moto photo - needs passport photos

15 yo to math tutor and then voice lessons (do my own Latin homework while waiting) (remember to pay voice teacher)

18 yo has physical trainer

bake chicken for dinner and also for homeless shelter

Prep for co-op Latin class



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Good morning


Oldest to probation


Grocer (only did half of the store yesterday. Yep. It was that kind of day)


Take daughter to mail back book (she asked me yesterday:When are YOU going to return the book?? If I wasn't on my tablet, there'd be a whole bunch of emOjos)




Clean kitchen

Put away laundry



Sit down in a quiet spot where the kids can't find me, and journal.

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drink lots of water




tidy up

call high school

call dentist

call art class

put away odds and ends in my bedroom

sign dd up for art class

pay bills

to the store for paper and stuff for rice crispy treats

makes some sample valentines

pick up kids early

let the boys make rice crispy treats

church night - make animal valentines with the girls

dinner - chicken tacos in the crockpot



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Good morning! Dd2 has late start, so she went out to breakfast with friends after am practice. She is home squeezing in a power nap before school starts. Ds2 is off at his class, and ds3 is rolling out of bed. 


To do:

check bank/bills

school for boys

clean bathrooms

clean kitchen

jen things

work on some list/to -do items

PM practice swim/swim/aikido

ds2 to concernt with dh and uncle

Pizza night!


Have a great day!

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  • Worked all night until 5am.

Didn't hear my alarm.  Kids woke me up late.  Missed bus.  Drove kids to school.

Cleaned for the maids.  A lot.

Worked some.

Maids came an hour early - that was a first.

Helped kid with homework.

Some personal tax stuff and banking and bill paying.

Put some dinner together.

Brought kid to gymnastics.

Supposed to be working at gymnastics.

Put kids to bed.

I plan on sleeping tonight!

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