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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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•clean kitchen

•scoop yard


•dust main floor

•clean car interior

•make hard boiled eggs and roasted veggies for fridge (made eggs, chicken sausage & turkey bacon for dh, asparagus, artichokes, beets, brussels sprouts & mushrooms)

•tidy bathrooms

•sweep & mop kitchen floor

•water plants

•fill bird feeders

•clean stalls

•hay delivery? (tomorrow)

•office work (tomorrow)

•dinner-pizza for kids, salad, salmon & artichokes for dh & I

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Good morning! Regular Monday here. It is supposed to be beautiful here, so windows will be open and the house will get aired out. Also, guitar lesson today, must not forget!


To do:

ds2 off to class

ds3 up and working

feed dog (she is waiting mostly patiently)

daily chores

square up quilt top while ds2 is at class (birthday gift)

guitar lesson, quick grocery run

jen things

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Have a great day!


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  • Got kids ready and out the door for school.
  • Realized it's a snow day.
  • Set the kids to cleaning house for the maids.
  • Took a short nap that turned into a long nap.
  • Woke to find the kids watching TV instead of cleaning.
  • Spent about an hour cleaning for the maids.
  • Got a call from the maids saying they aren't coming after all.

Looks like it's going to be one of those days ....


I have lots of work to do, hopefully quickly.  :)

The kids are out playing in the snow.  I may give them some math later, because I'm mean that way.

Kids have gymnastics this evening.

Then kids home to bed, and more work for me.

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done

called in prescriptions

a.m. school done though I need to do some algebra troubleshooting to figure out how to explain it in a way that dd will understand.  I actually know how to do it but the "usual" explanation is getting tears and blank looks.

ds dropped off at college, picked up from college (later) and then dropped off at work.

went to compound pharmacy.


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Home Depot was a bust, but the small Ace hardware and lumber yard had lots of wood scraps for Ds.

Michaels was too pricey for Dd's valentines budget, so we'll go by the dollar store tomorrow. 

Made Dh's dinner.


Next up:


checking Dd's morning schoolwork


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Took Ds and the wood to scouts and returned some items I had borrowed from a friend. 


Dh went to the dentist today and got bad news. Expensive oral surgery and a bridge coming up. Glad I already made the beach condo deposit! We need a vacation, regardless of bad teeth and bills. Maybe even more because of those. My brain is whirling with cost-cutting measures and strategies to still do some fun stuff this year while also paying a huge dental bill. I pray that our kids got my genes for teeth, not dh's!!  


Anyway, still to do:

finish checking dd's work

fold my laundry? probably not

Wipe down a bathroom? maybe

Read. Lots to read....






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