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Retained primitive reflexes seminar I attended and I recommend

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This seminar is for parents.  The instructor is an educator rather than a clinician.  I took Dr. Robert Melillo's 7 part course for doctors on ASD, ADHD, and other developmental delays before I took this weekend course.  I thought this course was excellent and offered many more exercises for remediating reflexes than Dr. Melillo did.  There were many other topics in Melillo's course than retained reflexes so they aren't comparable, but this was only $200 for a weekend seminar.  I paid far more than that for the doctor's course.  $200 is how much I paid for it at the time.  I don't know how much she charges now.


She used to only do them in the Virginia Beach and eastern Virginia area, but she is travelling more.  This one is in Ponte Verde, Florida.  I know she will come to your area if you get enough attendees.


I get nothing for recommending this seminar.

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Actually I would look on Youtube for "remediating primitive reflexes" rather than a book.  I think identifying the retained reflexes is the tricky part.  They can be kind of subtle.  Robert Melillo has a few books and I've liked all of his that I've read.  Melillo downplays creeping and crawling as remediation for them, but Virginia Dil, the woman who does the connections seminars, does not.  She emphasizes creeping and crawling but also gives specific exercises for each retained reflex.

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