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Is this too much for 5th grade?


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We are starting our new semester Monday and as I'm filling in my 5th graders weekly checklist, I'm worried I've added too much. :o Does this seem like too much for 5th grade?


Every day: (edited to lose redundancies)


piano practice

MUS page

copywork 3x or dictation 2x

math game 2x, typing 2x, or geography 1x

spanish (duolingo for 5 min)

oral narration 3x written narration 2x

ELTL lesson 3x RLTL spelling 2x



Also, each week I give him a list of readings and he picks which ones and how many to read each day. For this week his list is:


5 bible related readings, 2 pages each

3 chapters from the book assigned in ELTL

3 (very short) chapters in Munche Science Reader 3

Norse Myths ch 1-3

Norse Myths ch 4-7

Norse Myths ch 8-11

Norse Myths ch 12-14

Vikings intro-ch 2

Vikings ch 3-4

Vikings ch 5-6

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I don't know the length of the readings exactly or some of the assignments, but it seems totally reasonable to me. It's okay to tweak as you go if it turns out to be too much or not enough.


If you're looking for gaps, I don't see any science... But maybe it's a co-op class or something? Or maybe you alternate history and science?

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Oh yeah, I should have mentioned we are doing a history block right now. He's also doing SOTW 2 with the family.


I guess I'm just not sure how much reading to assign him. The beginning of the year it definitely felt too light. I increased it some, and now I'm increasing again. I guess I'll just see how this week goes if it's too much reading or not. I wish there was some kind of guideline for this... How many pages per day or week a 5th grader should read. :) I think this week I've assigned at least 250 pages, so 50 pages a day.

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