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Does a treadmill like this exist?


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Our treadmill is not working and we have fixed it and fixed it and it is now to the point where it needs more work and money than it is worth.  It is at least 17 years old, used often, etc.....


I was looking at something other than a treadmill, but the family has gotten into running more and want a treadmill.  That is fine, it makes it easier as the decision is made.


What I keep finding is that the home models that are pricier or higher end, all have bells a whistles we don't need......screens, iPad plug ins, speakers, etc.....


We want simple, sturdy, able to support a 200 pound runner, with an incline, and a large enough running floor for a 6 ft. runner.   $2,000 or less retail.  Oh, and we would like it to fold.




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Have you looked at Craigslist? I've seen a bunch there, some barely used. You'd have to check them out, of course.



Yes, we are looking, but I don't know what to look for exactly.  And the more bells and whistles, the more to go wrong.


I want a highly rated, somewhat simple machine.


So, that is why I am looking for specific recommendations.....name brand, models, etc....

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Do you have a sports store nearby? We bought our Horizon T202 at a small store for $750. It can support 325 lbs. It has 2.5 horsepower motor, speed up to 12 mph and incline up to 12%. I'm 5.7 and have no trouble running on it. DH said the deck is 55 inches long. It does have an ipod plug in but we never use it. The guys even carted away the old one for free. I can't remember for sure but it might have been a privately owned store, not a chain.

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