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Baby Alive, Snack'n Sara issues again!!!!


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5 yr old got Snack'n Lily for her birthday in the fall. Very soon, it clogged so bad over and over again and never really pooped. She was ok with me taking her back. For Christmas, she got the more expensive and battery operated Sara. Well, Sara worked for about a week. Then she stopped speaking English. And then she went back to speaking English. Now she does not work at all. I did contact Hasbro and their response irritates me. They tell me to mail her in and if they have one just like her, they will send me a new one. If not, they will just pick something different and send that. Ummm, no! 


Since she only got it at Christmas, I can exchange it at Target, but I am getting fed up. Plus, I got it for 30% off originally. But she says, in the sweetest voice "I LOVE Snack'n Sara." I am thinking maybe I should just exchange her and tell her no more feeding her? That way, she maybe will be more likely to keep her talking function?


Anyone have this particular doll?

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