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Writing just isn't getting done, need some advice


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The title pretty much says it all, writing just isn't getting done (combination of things over the past few years - newborns, illness, hospitalizations, ICU stays, pregnancy losses, multiple therapy appts each week, etc.). My oldest son (12) loathes writing, I'm not sure if it's just his personality or I'm partially to blame for letting him do so much orally when we first started out. Yes, it's probably both. Getting him to write down the answer to a question or *gasp* write a paragraph is like pulling teeth, he would rather scrub the toilet. My oldest daughter (10) just hasn't had much practice, though she does write letters to her friends.


We have IEW SWI-A, but it just hasn't been getting done. I'm not sure if I continue and try to get it done, or switch. I think DS1 could definitely use the scaffolding that IEW provides. He's getting a bit old for SWI-A now, but giving his antipathy to writing I think it may still be a good choice. 


I've been looking at the Bravewriter classes online, and trying to decide if outsourcing it would be better and if we can fit it in the budget. I'm not sure if it would be a good choice for DS1 since he's so reluctant, though I think it might be good for DD1.


I feel like I'm floundering here, and could really use some advice! I feel like they really need a boot camp or something to get them up to speed, before I completely screw them up with it.

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We had some similar issues going on. I seem to always be trying a new writing program and it was always tough to get done. So this semester I tried something new. We are now using essentials in writing and it's going great! He lessons are video based and then there are workbook pages for each lesson (already printed and bound). My 5th grader now wakes up each day and gets this done first while I work with his kindergarten brother. He played the DVD on his own, pauses it at the end of the lesson, goes right to the workbook and then lists has me check it over. Easy peasy and we are finally getting writing done without complaining!

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