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Weekly Reader?


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I just got a catalog yesterday and I'm trying to make sense of it. I see that they have different subjects and that they are leveled by grade. The name though "Weekly Reader", for $6 do I really get a book/magazine every week? I don't think so, but why the name if that's not true.


The election resources - I cans see ordering "How We Elect a President", "Electing a President" and "The Path to the White House", one for each of my kids. I only get one consumable workbook each, right?


I'm just hung up on why they call the company "Weekly Reader" if something doesn't come weekly.


More importantly than what I get - are these products any good, in general? I know it's not that spendy, but if the product isn't any good, I don't want it.

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We did the subscription thing last year. It's about $20 for 2 sets ($26 for one, no idea why), and each month you get a packet with 4 "issues" - mini-magazines, 4 pages each, plus a teacher's guide and for early elementary a giant size copy. I liked it, but had so many troubles with getting the right number of copies and complete sets for the month, that I cancelled last October instead of continuing for this "schoolyear." They run Sept-May, so subscribing now isn't going to get you much when you add in the 8 week processing time.


As for their workbooks/reproducibles, I haven't been impressed. You can get some printables online each month for free, from both Weekly Reader and Scholastic News, and that's been plenty for us because most of it is WAY too easy for the grade level they assign. The teachers stores around here usually have some of the workbooks, or sometimes you can find them on ebay, so I'd go that way instead of buying sight unseen.

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