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Dr. Hive, what do we do?

Hunter's Moon

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My 1-year-old nephew has been feeling icky for the past few days.


About four nights ago, he vomited what looked like white paste twice. It was more like spit up than vomit actually. Prior to the episodes, he would toss and turn and whine.


He did the same the following night.


These past two nights, he hasn't spit up at all, but he still has episodes of tossing, turning, and whining for about 15 minutes or so at night.


Also, he did have runny stools, three days ago and two days ago. But only once on both days.


We thought it was reflux, due to the consistency of the spit up.


Now, he's acting like he's in pain. He doesn't want to be put down, fusses, and is just generally not in a good mood. He's been drinking fluids (not milk, as we didn't want to further upset his stomach) but hasn't really been interested in eating for the past few days. He's eaten a bit here and there, but nothing much.


Is this something to ride out, luke a virus?


The urgent care near us doesnt see children under 5, and the peds doesn't have an appointment today. Is this ER worthy, or wait and see if it gets worse?


Is there something we can do to relieve his pain a bit?

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He pooped normally yesterday, but nothing yet today (it's 11AM).


He's eating little things. Some cheerios here, some plain pasta there. Nothing like his usual, but enough to get him by.


He seems to be drinking normally and has wet diapers, and his eyes aren't sunken. No fever.


No one else has any symptoms. We all got a stomach bug about 1 1/2 months ago, but he got over his within 36 hours, so it's not lingering from there either.

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