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Ds wants to publish his comics- how do we start??


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Ds wants to have his comics he has been writing for the last year. Has anyone has any experience publishing children's comics? How do we start? Where do we start? How about copyrighting all the character's names (they are all original and somewhat silly) and characters themselves?


Appreciate any and all suggestions.


Thank you.

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DD has been talking about this as well and we think we've settled on publishing them as a web comic series.  We are going to look into getting a website up and running in the next month or so.  She's got a good stockpile of comics and can use the next few weeks to make more and then we'll try to figure out how often she'll publish so she can make sure she keeps up with creating new ones.  


I told her that we would work on the web comic idea first and that if she is really enjoying that, we can work on submitting other work to actual physical publishing companies.


I haven't thought about copyrighting things.

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