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moles...another thread made me think about this


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probably just keep an eye on it.  make notes.  it's not necessarily the size - it's changes and asymmetrical.

2ds was born with a nevus . . it's thickened, darkened, and grown slightly over the years, and more have appeared.   a dermatologist who did post-doc work in skin cancer looked at it when he was little - didn't bother her a bit.

last year - he went to another dermatologist to get everything checked.  the dr didn't look at that one twice.  he did have two moles (that I didn't think much of) on his back removed and sent to a pathologist. (they were benign) and a third removed from his face becasue he'd nick it while shaving.

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My DH was recently diagnosed with melanoma and basal cell carcinoma, and we live in Florida where we get a lot of year-round sun exposure and it's nearly impossible to avoid getting burned at least a few times.  


My DS has been seeing a dermatologist for about 6 months for acne.   When I mentioned to DS's dermatologist that DH had just been dx'd with melanoma, he took a long, hard look at a large mole on the back of DS's neck.  He suggested that I take a picture and keep track of whether it changes.   So now in the "notes" section of my phone, I have that picture saved and dated, so I can reference a point in time and if it changes, the dermatologist will biopsy it right away.   

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I would bring them up at the next well child check. They should be able to judge whether a referral is needed to the dermatologist.


If you don't want to wait, there is nothing wrong at all with going to the derm for a complete skin check. It is NOT unheard of at all for kids to have moles removed, and even more common for teens to have suspicious moles removed.


Google the A, B, C, D & E's of melanoma...if any of them fall into those parameters, I would make an apt with the derm.

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