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Teaching Textbooks PreCalculus 2.0? Does it have gaps?

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Years ago I remember reading reviews and opinions about the 1.0 versions of TT.  If I remember correctly the Algebra courses were criticized for leaving some expected topics out of the course, and shifting them to be learned the following year.

So now I'm wondering, how do people feel about the new TT PreCalculus 2.0?




A PDF version of the ToC is right on the website

Does anybody feel it's missing anything or has any gaps?


What about this statement right on their web-page?



Does it really cover all of Trigonometry?


But then that makes me wonder.  Is it missing any Algebra topics that seem to be in other PreCalculus courses?

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Well, we use the 1.0 version--but I don't think it was revised.  Ds is handling Saxon Calculus just fine. He did do a month of Alek pre-cal in June, though.  He didn't learn anything new, just solidified his confidence. I think that was more about him and less about the program, though.  I just didn't answer you before b/c of that.


Pre-calc and Alg 2 have a lot of overlap. The trig in the Pre-calc  was fine.

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DD did TT all the way through Alg II and Geometry, but not PreCalc.  She tested into College Calc, but we have had to tutor some of the Trigonometry.  There definitely wasn't enough covered in Alg II, obviously it was intended to be covered in Pre-Calc.  Make sure the trig is solid before going into Calc is all the input I have!


ETA, love TT though!  DD tested very well in math on the SAT and on the college placement test.

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