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Did you have a weekend job during college and how did you find it?


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I'm really busy with classes during the weekdays, but I think having a job on the weekends or at least on Saturday would be really nice. My friend has a job 3 hours every Saturday helping Chinese people practice English (which she got because she knows how to speak Chinese). My question is,  I don't know how to go about finding an opportunity like this. She found her job through an email, but I haven't gotten such an opportunity. Most on campus jobs require longer hours and most off campus jobs I've found either want full day weekends or are jobs I just don't like at all. Did anybody ever have a weekend job during college? If so, what was it and how did you find it? It sounds like it would be an awesome opportunity that wouldn't add too much to the stress I already have, but it also seems like an impossible gig to find. Thanks.

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I had to work 20-30 hours per week throughout college to make ends meet, so not a weekend-only job. If you're willing to work at a restaurant though, I think they'd be happy to have someone who only wanted weekend hours--they have to deal with a lot of people wanting weekends off. It probably would be full shifts though. 


I think finding something like what your friend has is going to be pretty specialized and unusual, and you would probably find it through personal connections or postings on a board on campus somewhere that relates to your interests. 

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I had a job Jr & Sr year. I worked 2x a week Jr year at a tiny gift shop in a local upscale mall within walking distance to campus. I found it through a posting in the student union. Sr year I worked more hours at a big box store - I had a car so I could expand my search. I believe I found it through a newspaper posting.


Then I switched colleges to finish up a second degree, and I worked Th-Sun and went to school M-Th. I don't recommend that schedule. I got this job by driving up and down our shopping district and picking up applications at all of the big box stores. I then picked the one that paid the most.


I'd say waitressing would be cool with only having you on weekends. Some big box stores would as well. As for tutoring or office work, you'll have to look a lot harder.

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Your best bet is to ask around at the places you frequent. Tell people you know that you're looking.


I did security work on campus, and cleaned for  a church. I was also a dormitory assistant and then head dormitory assistant, but I was putting myself through school, so I had multiple jobs. I also graded multiple math classes in my last semester because I planned to graduate in December and couldn't take a dorm job because they wanted a whole year's commitment. I primarily graded homework and had to have it back to the professor before the next class, so sometimes there was a quick turn-around during the week.


The security work involved basically checking classrooms for stragglers, locking doors, and locking up in buildings with classrooms that didn't remain open and doing the same after special events. I had a uniform shirt, and got the keys and log sheet from security, and then brought it all back when I was done. They paid per hour, and I told them only Friday night and weekend hours. Most students didn't want those hours, so I worked nearly every weekend for at least two 4-hour shifts. My dorm boss knew I needed more work, and helped me get that.


Saturday several of us cleaned the whole church building after lunch, and then a quick once-over Sunday night to prepare for some of their events in the coming week. Sometimes there was a Saturday wedding, so we got extra hours. I went to the church, so they knew me.


DS works at the gym that we go to. He works Monday and Friday nights 7:30-10pm, and then Saturday or Sunday afternoon until they close at 5pm. If his college work isn't too heavy, he substitutes for other people. He made a lot of extra money over the holidays and even worked Christmas Eve in the afternoon and New Year's Day in the afternoon because others didn't want to work then. He cleans and maintains the equipment. The plus for him is that he's developed a wonderful friendship with the general manager and some of the trainers that goes beyond working out and doing his job.


You're wise to be careful about this. Both of my kids (17 and 19) have friends who have 4:30am fast food shifts that last 10-12 hours on the weekend, or work until well after midnight serving banquets at a local conference center. You do what you have to do, but it's nice if you can find something with reasonable hours. 





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What job skills Do you have? What sports did you play in high school.?


Personally I did one offs. My sons friends like to work as catering staff. Good Food, occassional tips.

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  or are jobs I just don't like at all 


Well, this is probably where you're going to have to compromise, lol. Like I tell my kids, there's a reason it's called going to work and not going to fun. 


You can probably get fast food or retail mostly weekends only, but ime they will try to call you in for an emergency shift every now and then when they're short-handed. There's a good chance they are going to want both weekend days, but some will do the 4 hours or slightly less so you don't need a lunch break. 


Your best chance at limiting and somewhat controlling your hours will be to offer services for pay: lawn mowing, babysitting, odd jobs, tutoring. 


If experience and limited hours are more important than money, you might consider starting with a volunteer position. One of my dds did lots of 2- and 4-hour shifts at the local museum, and there was a fair amount of variety. Working coat check meant she had time to read and study. 

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I forgot to answer the question about my weekend job in college - I worked fast food on Saturdays and Sundays, usually a full shift. 


I had a campus job during the week, but it was work study and usually about ten hours, not more than fifteen. I also did some occasional tutoring (not through a tutoring center, just me and the student directly). 


Working that number of hours can be tough when trying to balance classes and activities; I did it because it was needed to get through college. 


We had the ability to let my oldest complete her first semester without even really looking for a job. Now, in her second semester, she has applied for a campus job but hasn't gotten it yet.  She doesn't have a car, so is pretty limited to campus jobs. 


Gaining work experience while in college is very important, imo, but it can be done in a variety of ways. If you have the luxury of taking a volunteer job now because it's more interesting and flexible than paid jobs, there is nothing wrong with doing that. You are still gaining experience and it will help you get a paid job when you are ready. 


But do keep in mind that most part-time and entry-level full-time jobs are nothing to get excited about. Even at later stages, most of us have had jobs that we didn't like at all, sometimes to pay the bills, sometimes as a stepping stone to something better.

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