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Support for anxiety in children...


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I've got a kid with anxiety. I just have my family. I have shared a bit with a couple of friends, but I'' not completely comfortable sharing with them because it's not really my information to share, y'know?


ETA: my side of the extended family is supportive- as they should be because it's their genes that contributed to this!!!! That's kindof a joke- but literally everyone in my family of origin is on meds for depression or anxiety. 2 are diagnosed bipolar and I may be as well.

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Listening in. I've got one with anxiety and it has been a big struggle. His therapist told us that she could no longer see him b/c he wasn't cooperating. We'd seen her for a long time. I feel abandoned to figure it out on my own.



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That stinks.  Last time we went to our primary for a trial of anxiety meds, my dd wouldn't even get out of the car for her appointment.  Our primary had me come in and talk and then when everyone else including staff had left the building, she met with dd in the waiting room.  Her kindness and patience was incredible.  Your therapist doesn't sound very helpful at all, I hope and pray you find someone kind and willing to help.

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