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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Starting the day still sick, sore throat, and now some pus-creating issue in my left eye.  And still lots of work to do, some before the kids get up, much after.

  • Work in the early hours.
  • Some school paperwork.
  • Kids off to school.
  • Work work work.
  • Pick kids up from youth group at 6pm, quick dinner on the fly.
  • Kids to gymnastics.
  • Kids' work.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Happy Birthday, Jean's mom!
Praying for your Dh, Margaret!

My list:

cook chx
finish grocery list
grocery shop
pick up linens to wash
get Ds ready for Cub Scouts
desk work
call my mom
change Ds' sheets

dinner - chx pot pie and a green veggie

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Good morning! Jean, I hope your mom has a lovely birthday. SKL, hope you're feeling better soon!


•water plants

•give dog his medicine

•scoop yard as soon as it gets light enough to see


•DS debate club



•renew license plates online

•dinner will be the soup that I didn't get around to making yesterday

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Ditto to all the birthday wishes and prayers!



Do all the things - LOL  My brain can't seem to coalesce everything into a list!


Anyway - do some breakfast school and Latin

Teens do gov't and 15 yo does Bio homework

18 yo works on resume and maybe goes job hunting a bit

AHG meeting for 15 yo

Dinner?  We were away over the weekend - pantry is bare - gotta pick up something at some point.

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Happy birthday Jean's mom! Feel better SKL! Prayers Margaret!





take oldest to his new job to sign paperwork (praying he gets it!)

Nag daughter about her room

Read chapter for new bible reading group (on here)

Set up psych. Appointments

Begin setting up healthy eating/exercise family challenge

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Good morning! Prayers for all and best wishes to your mom, Jean! I am back from morning practice run and everyone is up and working. Ds2 is about to leave for his cc class. Ds3 has guitar today. Otherwise, regular day.


To do:


daily chores

school with boys

letters to college kids

jen things

PM practice swim/swim/aikido

late aikido pick up


Have a great day!

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Life is tackling me! No big disasters, just no down time. No sunshine. I guess it is almost February and I should expect this?! 


I have gotten a reasonable amount done, but still feel overwhelmed.

I am tired and feeling overly busy. No margin. We are in that sort of a schedule where if I miss a day, the house stuff falls apart. Saturday stuff didn't get done and now there is no time to get it done without missing something. 


I committed to two tasks at church (one last week and one this week) and did not realize how big they are to do. Now I know, but they can't be left undone or delegated.


I made a couple of big decisions recently without much input from Dh and I think one of them was a mistake. Also cannot be undone. 


Like many here, we are tight on money and I cannot buy my way out of some of the the craziness with a housekeeper or eating out or other ways of trading money for time. 


End of whining... Sorry! Thanks for letting me vent here. 










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same old same here


 spend the whole day making sure that new arrival and twins are separated. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, it is mentally fatiguing. DH tells me that I am becoming very irritable. I freely admit that I am not at just coping but am now no longer coping.


visited neighbour as his wife has just found out she has terminal cancer and does not have long to live at all.

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Still sick.  Took a long nap in the middle of the day, which felt nice - reminded me of being home sick as a kid.  Then I cranked some work out (not quite enough though) and took my kids to gymnastics.


At that point I got some frantic messages from my sister.  Her father-in-law had been unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for brain cancer surgery which is to take place at 6am.  They needed a notary to notarize his power of attorney and living will.  There was no notary to be found at the hospital (kind of surprising even after hours - it's a huge hospital), so they asked me to come, which I did after getting the kids back home and getting some dinner.  So that was my evening.


I need to get some sleep as I'm still sick, but I also need to get up early and get some work out.  I hope I remember all the important things tomorrow morning ....

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