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Third grade 2017-2018 planning thread


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I didn't see one, so I'm starting one.


My middle child'll be a third grader next year.


Math -- MEP 3, probably

Edited to add: He got bored with MEP, so we switched to Singapore. He loves it and flew through the level 2 books, so we shall start with level 3.


History -- Because he's got a brother two years behind, and because I'm not sure third grader's reading skills will be ready for independent reading of SOTW 3, I think I will do American history with both the third and first graders. I'll use the American parts of SOTW 3 and 4, plus supplements. I think they will like that a lot.


Literature -- American, especially from History Odyssey Early Modern and Modern level 1, plus other Good Stuff I pick, probably combination of readalouds and independent, depending on his reading skills. He can continue to read aloud to me as well.


Writing -- WWE 2/3; HWOT cursive


Science -- REAL Science Odyssey Life has been a hit for him and for me this year, so I bought Chemistry for next year. Plus SnapCircuits.


Art -- He loveslovesloves picture study, so we will probably focus on American art and a Norman Rockwell coffee table style book we just got, which he will adore, I think.


Bible -- I don't know yet.


Extras -- martial arts and I don't know what else.

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My oldest will be in 3rd next year.  He does a lot of his content subjects with his brother(s) who are 2 (and 4) years younger than him.


Literature - Working his way through the Mensa list + titles pulled from the SOTW activity guide

Spelling - AAS 4

Writing - WWE 3

Grammar - MCT

Typing - Typing Instructor for Kids


Math - Math Mammoth 5 + Beast Academy 4 + Singapore CWP + Balance Benders + Xtramath

Science - Mr. Q Chemistry


History - SOTW 3

Geography - Charlotte Mason type map study


Spanish - Rosetta Stone + Getting Started with Spanish + Duolingo

Art - Home Art Studio

Electronics - EEME projects

Coding - Python for Kids

Extras - Homeschool gym + Swimming


At least I think that is roughly how it will shake out.





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My DD will be in 3rd in the fall. 


Math: Math Mammoth 4

Language Arts: WWE3 and 4 (she'll finish 3 before the year is out), FLL4, cursive introduction copywork

Reading/Lit, Social Studies, Bible: TOG 

Science: probably follow WTM and use handbook of nature study. I think we'll focus on the human body and astronomy. 


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Ack! I can't think about my son being in third grade yet. I feel like we are still navigating second grade and catching up in some areas, especially developing stronger LA skills.


We will continue in Abeka math, work on developing more love for reading, writing with ease, ancient history with SOTW or MFW, Elemental science biology, spelling workout, pen time, and I think we are going to do A Beka for grammar.


He will be thrilled not to have to do Explode the Code anymore. I am having him go through the workbooks for reinforcement of phonics, and he HATES it so much!

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My oldest will be 3rd next year. He is easy because almost everything is a continuation of what we are doing this year.


La: mbtp la 9-11, he loves this program, though I would prefer more teacher guidance

Math: mm 5

Science: BFSU- the b&c threads from volume 2; MP mammals

Geography: homegrown, loosely using trail guide with lots of extra books

Art: geography through art

Music: Hoffman academy and classics for kids

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We are mostly following the Memoria Press accelerated Third program next year:


Art: I Can Do All Things by Stebbing; Home Art Studio

Bible : MP Christian Studies I

Memorize John 13 and Psalm 121, 127; Westminster Shorter Catechism #70-107

Classical Studies: D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths with MP Guide

Composition: All Things Fun and Fascinating by Institute for Excellence in Writing

Foreign Language: Latina Christiana by Lowe; Integrated Chinese by Cheng & Tsui Co.

Geography: MP States and Capitols

Grammar: MP English Grammar Recitation I

History: MP Timeline; MP Supplemental American Studies

Math: Math Mammoth 4; Beast Academy Level 3

Literature: A Bear Called Paddington; Charlotte’s Web; Farmer Boy; Mr. Popper’s Penguins with MP Literature Guides

Memorization: The Children's Song by Kipling; The Tide Rises, Tide Falls by Longfellow; 

     Merchant of Venice Quotes; Gettysburg Address; If by Kipling;

     Hamlet Quotes;  U.S. Oath of Allegiance for Citizenship; List of Presidents

Reading: Mensa Excellence in Reading List for 4th-6th

Science: MP Book of Astronomy

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Third Grade:


Math: Beast Academy 5, Borac, HOE, MOEMS

Science: Athena's Chemistry, Mystery Science

Lit: Athena's Upper Intermediate Lit

Grammar: MCT Voyage

Writing: Writing & Rhetoric 3&4, Treasured Conversations, Killgallon

History: Athena's SOTW4

Latin: Latin Prep 1

French: Online G3 French (uses Galore Park)

Hebrew: Duolingo and Shalom Ivrit

Logic: Logic Liftoff, Detective Club, Philosophy for Kids

Computer Programming: still figuring out the next step after Youth Digital Mod Design I. Maybe game or server design, or Intro to Python?

PE: Soccer, Gymnastics, Tennis

Art: Through his charter school

Music: Homeschool Rock Band and Musical Theatre

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To be tweaked for dd8:


Math: CLE 3

Writing: WWE 3

Spelling: AAS 4?

Science: Mystery Science

History: undecided

Grammar: FLL 4

Piano: Hoffman Academy

Reading: undecided

Latin: TBD if we'll do it at all


Yeah, so we have some stuff to figure out, but not until July!

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AGH!  I am not ready for planning yet.  These threads are freaking me out!!  LOL


It took awhile, but I think I've sorted it out: 


I know we'll be continuing with:




BJU Math


Everything else is undecided. 


We'll also be doing:

history - a study of Canada using Donna Ward resources. 

science - tagging along with Abeka science 6

art - whatever I put together from pinterest, etc

Health - Abeka gr. 3

copwork and possibly Writing Strands



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I'm very up in the air about this. My upcoming 3rd grader is very weak in language arts so a lot of what I used for my older son might not work.


Math: Possibly Beast Academy alone or BA as a supplement to Right Start D.


Spelling: All About Spelling


Reading: All About Reading 4


Science and History: Prairie Primer....maybe.


Grammar: Fix It grammar The Nose Tree...maybe

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Oh, dear, is it that time already.  Last third grader.


History: TOG using SOTW plus extra books, co-op for activities

Literature: Sonlight Readers 3-5

Math: Horizons 3

Science: I don't know, maybe Abeka 3 with activities with friends

Foreign Language: maybe finish Song School Latin, maybe do something for Spanish

Art: co-op if we join a co-op

Music: piano, singing class

Writing: probably the IEW fables book.  I may do a once a month sharing class for some of her class.Grammar: maybe do Rod and Staff 3 lightly (I don't really hit grammar hard until fifth grade)

PE: soccer, maybe Taekwando, skill development in baseball, basketball, co-op class?

Spelling: Apples and Pears





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Last third grader for me, too! She's getting some testing done next month, so that may or may not impact curriculum plans (likely 2E + anxiety).


So far, I plan to use the following:


MATH- MM3B/4A; XtraMath; Simple Solutions 3


LA- AAS 4, FLL 3, WWE 2/3, Reading Detective


SCIENCE- GP Junior Science, Mystery Science


HISTORY- SOTW (not sure which level- we've done parts of 1 & 2 but haven't been consistent)




TYPING- Dance Mat followed by NitroType





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We will just be continuing on in most things, I think.


Math - BA, finish 3 if needed then 4

Writing - WWE 3

Grammar - FLL 3/4

Reading - perhaps continue popcorn reading, I wish I had done that longer with my older kids.

Spelling - continue with Spelling Power

Science - BFSU

History - SOTW 3

American History - continue with diy Am. History using thw Sorry if the USA workbooks

Foreign Language - GSWL, diy Spanish

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Well my soon to be 3rd grader just had a meltdown, which he never has, while we were discussing what extracurricular activities he will be starting. Apparently, swimming lessons is the worst idea in the work to him. This is the 3rd meltdown from him today. Me thinks someone doesn't like dad being back at work today after being off for a full month!


So the idea of thinking about what we're doing school wise seems too exhausting today.

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My DS8 will technically in 3rd grade next year.  His year will include:


Handwriting: Getty-Dubay E

Writing: IEW SID A

Spelling/Grammar: LOE Essentials 2nd Edition Level A

Reading:  45 min a day of independent reading including various genres.

Math: Math U See Delta and Xtra Math

History:  Overview of all history through VP's Pages of History read aloud by Mom and narrated by kids and 24 hours of Ancient    History at a 1 day a week homeschool academy

Science:  Science in the Ancient World and 24 hours of Biology at a 1 day a week homeschool academy

Read Aloud:  Various novels we choose as a family as the year goes on and poetry and short stories from Book of Virtues


Art/Music: Covered at a 1 day a week homeschool academy

Bible: Slowly going through scripture with dad and scripture memory

Art: Covered at a 1 day a week homeschool academy

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These are the things that I am certain of:

History: SOTW Vol. 3

Writing: We started WWE 1 in first grade and mostly finished, dropped it at the beginning of to explore a writers workshop approach and am picking it up again, so finish WWE 2 for third? Unless I totally flake out on writing again. :) 

     ETA: Flaked out on writing *again* We ended up using ELTL 2 the second half of this year and expect to continue it.

Spelling: AAS, continued.

Reading: Oral reading from CNR 3 and whatever she picks up from SOTW lists, trying to steer her toward things meatier than Geronimo Stilton

     This past week she started reading Humphrey and a few other books with drastically reduced illustrations. Woo-hoo!

Science: Hoping we finish BFSU Vol. 1 and can move on to Vol. 2

Music: Continue with Music Mind Games


These I am less certain of:

Math: Currently doing MUS Beta which is going alright, but considering MEP because its presentation is so intriguing. We are now using Year 1 as a supplement, and though she's familiar with the basic concepts, it presents them in a way that makes her think.

     Will be finishing MEP 2 and going onto 3.

Latin: Finish up with SSL2, but have no clue what to do after

Art:Thinking of trying Artistic Pursuits

     Will be using arttango and saving money.





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We are going to keep on the same track next year as this year, so:


handwriting: continue cursive practice with Zaner-Bloser 3

spelling: Spelling Workout C

grammar: First Language Lessons 3

math: Singapore Math (Common Core Ed) 3A/3B (textbook, workbook, challenging word problems, and extra practice books)

science: general introduction to chemistry (haven't chosen spine yet)

history: Story of the World 3

literature: Classical House of Learning Literature (grammar stage Early Modern) 

morning time: religion, memory work, poetry, family read-alouds, etc.


Narration, copy work, and dictation are spread throughout the subjects. We will also include as many board/card games as we can, and will try to add in piano & spanish. I will have a Ker, a 3yr old, and a 1yr old in the fall, so we will see what gets done!

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My 3rd grader next year will be my last one!  So it's all old hat lol.  :lol:  :D


Bible: probably a Bible study from Queen Homeschool


Grammar: Language Lessons for the Elementary Child Vol 1 (from Queen, also)


Reading: assigned reading from the reading suggestions in TWTM


Writing: Writing With Ease 1


History: SOTW 3


Math: MUS Gamma


Science: WTM 3rd grade chemistry


And that's it!  Well, maybe I'll throw in Zaner Bloser Handwriting to review her cursive from this year, but I'm not sure yet.  I don't plan art or music, and she'll likely have those at co-op, anyway, along with 2 other extracurriculars.  This year it's art, music, geography, and P.E.  So I'm guessing it'll be similar.

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Math: MM3, Xtra Math


LA: ETC, Pentime cursive. Planning a very read-aloud focused year, with lots of copywork/dictation/narration drawn from our lit.


History: SOTW3


Science: A Child's Geography (fall) and something for chemistry (spring)


French: continuing with GSWF and a combo of resources, which has been working very well.


Music: Piano lessons


Morning group time covers Bible, memory work, journalling, art, and other things.

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This will be my third 3rd grader. Maybe it's just me but it seems like with every kid I do less and less planned stuff. This one, however, is my kid that wants more and more school. She actually assigned herself a book report recently and did a beautiful job. She also makes herself daily checklists of all the things she needs to do. Her brothers think she is nuts. :) 


Singapore Math, wherever she is at the beginning of next year

Possibly add in Beast Academy since she likes Math a lot 

WWE 3 

Spelling Power...probably. She is a good speller so we might just do it as it comes up in reading. 

MCT...Grammar Town, etc

Latin, also because she likes it and wanted to start. 


History...we should be doing Modern American History. Probably stick with that. At this point we just read a lot, do field trips, watch some movies, etc. 


Science...Mystery Science has been a big hit here this year. We might do it again or we might just pick topics to study. 


She also does piano and dances. 


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Mine will be straddling the 3/4th grade line, but as SN, he'll be at his own pace. Updated 13/02 Updated 26/02


Happy Phonics & Lots of Reading, maybe a comprehension program once up and reading (I don't want to overwhelm him and have to keep his lessons short). For LA, I really don't have any goals past "get him reading" at this stage. He wants to go back to also using Teach your Monster to Read & Reading Eggs, Following Bravewriter Lifestyle with Siblings.

He also does Literacy Plant & Brainpop, so will continue those. Using Skwirk to cover standards & Filll gaps.

Miquon & Life of Fred (and Family Math Games), will be adding in some sort of Singapore Supplement book maybe (CWP, Problem Solving etc), after Miquon finished,  Rightstart Maths anf Imaths to cover grade level standards maybe add Beast Academy Later On?

Currently using Lego Wedo, so will move to Lego Boost, then Lego Mindstorms, and maybe do some technic stuff as well.

Minecraft/Lego etc. Maybe add Animation-ish?

RIC Health to cover standards

Apps like Dragonbox.

I also look through National curriculum stuff and see if there is any bits and pieces I want to teach/addon (especially with practical stuff) Doing this following diy "unit" studies.

I also would like to work further on his articulation, but am umming and ahhing on what to use.


Computer Piano

Adding Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

Adding UU Studies: Our Whole Lives & Sexuality & Our Faith

Trips: Theatre (monthly), Museums & Other Events

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As of right now we are using for 3rd-


Grammar- beginning wisely rod and staff


Penmanship- the rest of the our A Reason for Handwriting Transition ( cursive) and. Copy work or dictation as part of penmanship too.


Spelling- Abeka 3rd grade spelling I think


Math- first 1/2-3/4 of Saxon 54 2nd edition going at our own pace


Literature- working on story of the world volume 2 & some of volume 3 since we started a year late- we'll go through everything a little faster.


Science- all the sciences with a slight emphasis on the human body and electricity this year.


History- story of the world volume 2 & 3 whatever we can get through of volume 2.


Language- Spanish with Rosetta Stone and some picture word flash cards.


Art- 4 picture studies with artists from the time period were studying- not sure who yet.


Music- Hymns and classic music from the time period studying ( haven't figure this out yet!)


Poetry- 8 selections from Poetry For Kids to Learn By Heart

- Also memorizing bible verses


My 1st grader will tag along for everything except: grammar- First Lanuage Lessons 1, spelling- Abeka spelling 1, Math- Abeka Math 1, Phonics- Abeka's Handbook for reading and 1st 4 phonics readers, penmanship- the rest of Abeka's kindergarten writing with phonics, then the 1st half of the A reason for writing transition book and copy work.

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  • 2 weeks later...

dd8 has some fine motor delays and sensory processing issues and maybe some other stuff (we are trying to figure everything out at the moment) so everything may change, but I'm thinking we'll either do HOD Bigger the complete package plus the 2nd/3rd level book pack plus CLE math 2 and ctge instead of R&S grammar OR


math:  CLE2

writing/grammar: some combo of WWE2, ctge2, and BW's Jot it Down

phonics/spelling:  Finish ETC series and then Spelling Workout C

handwriting :  Depends on her OT's recommendations

science:  WTM-style life science with dd6 (skipping human body because we're doing that this year)

history:  SOTW1 with activity guide with dd6

literature:  classic lit for the whole family and some of SOTW 1 suggestions

reading: HOD grade 2/3 book pack and narration/discussion





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So the wild card child is in 3rd grade soon. Sigh. I'm struggling to keep her challenged and engaged. I never know what to do with this child! The plans so far:


Math: Finish MM3, start 4


Writing: SCM Copywork, maybe TC? Not sure she'll be ready but she's finished WWE4 :/ She's in the weird in-between stage and I have no idea what to do with her. Kilgallon elementary wkbks? Bravewriter?? 


Spelling: AAS 5/6


Vocab: Wordly Wise 5/6


Science: tagging along w/ older dd's Physics/Chem plans Will do The Elements with her too if I can get her on board


Geography: loves SCM visits to..series


Logic: (wants to do this subject like older dd and this is her favorite subject :huh: ) Mindbenders series 


History: listening in w/ sister: Human Odyssey 2, coloring pages, videos, books


Grammar: Finish FLL4


Art: library drawing books 


Music: she likes to read books about composers and musical instruments. We have story of the orchestra so may go into that w/her


Silent Reading Time (or couch time w/ the pug as she calls it) to help build her fluency and comfort w/ smaller print


More volunteer work thru church and Girl Scouts 


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Goodness Gracious, 3rd grade!


Math: Singapore Math 4. And I'd like to add in some Beast Academy, but I don't know whether to do 2 or 3. I want to challenge her with problem solving, but for the math operations needed to already be well within her wheelhouse. 

Language: Evan Moor Daily Language Review 4

Geography: Evan Moor Daily Geography 4

Reading: She just reads...as long as she keeps reading we'll be fine. For read alouds I'd like Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Science and History: Kid-inspired, mom-designed units. We'll see what she's into next year... I'd like to cover plants though...


Writing: I'd like to introduce your standard 3rd grade formats. How tos, Pursuasive, Compare/Contrast, etc. I'd love to find something easy for that...

Spelling: Evan Moor Daily Spelling 3 - Maybe? I'm not sure Two is working that well...


She'll continue Girl Scouts, Gymnastics, Aerial, and co op. 

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All right, I think I've finally got things sorted out for this next year. Deary me, it took me long enough! 


I make my own curriculum / year schedule for everything but math and language, and this year we're doing ancient history, astronomy, a study of several Old Testament characters, and the life of Christ. Although we're using more actual curriculum this year, compared to last year. Ancient history is not really my thing, so I need some support, lol. So, we're using:



A Beka Flash-a-Cards: Old Testament Stories 2 (David, Elijah, and Esther), Abraham and Isaac, Moses, Daniel, First Christmas, Boyhood and Early Ministry of Jesus, Jesus Helps and Heals, Later Ministry of Jesus, Crucifixion and Resurrection, Missionary Stories

We're also covering the life of Job using the Bible and the book, Job: The Patient Friend.



SOTW Ancients with Activity Book (Selections)

Plus, supplemental encyclopedias, library books, Our Island Story, and Stori Cymru

Draw and Write through History Vol 1-2: Creation to Jonah, Greeks and Romans



AIG God's Design for Science - Astronomy


Read Alouds: Life in the Great Ice Age, Tirzah, the Bronze Bow, and three books by Patricia St. John.


Reading Books for my 3rd Grader: Who was King Tut?, Who was Alexander the Great?, Who was Julius Caesar?, James a'r Eirinen Wlanog Enfawr (James and the Giant Peach - Welsh Translation), Charlie a'r Ffatri Siocled (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Welsh Translation), 4 Le Petit Nicolas readers, and Le Petit Prince.


Math: BJU Math 3, A Beka Speed Drills 3, Process Skills 3


English: Spelling Workout C


French: Bled Benjamin, L'Atelier de Vocabulaire CE1, Orth CP


Welsh: Dwli Mutations


Plus, copywork, dictation, and narration across all disciplines.


Life Issues:

A Beka Health, Safety, and Manners 2


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I've been lurking but enjoying reading everyone's plans. Here are ours so far, definitely subject to change :) I should add that everything except his Phonics Road, he will do with his 4th grade brothers, and some of it including the 1st grader too.


The Phonics Road, level 2 (this includes spelling, grammar, reading, writing, composition, vocabulary). He'll probably begging level 3 in spring 2018.


Seton Math 3 (not 100% decided)


SOTW1, continued from this year with his brothers. My goal for this coming year is to have him do more assigned reading in history, using the encyclopedias or other books from the list.


For American history/geography, we're listening to the audio book version of This Country of Ours about once a week in the car and I'm having him and his brother work on memorizing states and Capitols and finding them on a map.


For science we'll try MP's astronomy


For literature:

-poetry memorization from The Harp and the Laurel Wreath

-me reading from Classic Myths to Read Aloud (twice a week)

-a handful of kids classic lit books aloud. We're reading the Crimson Fairy Book now and I'm looking forward to reading Charlotte's Web next :)


Faith (each of these will be once a week)

-A Life of Our Lord for Children

-saints stories (finishing More Once Upon a Time Saints and then moving into another book)

-catechism class at church


He is reading well himself. He's working his way through Little House in the Big Woods through the PR. In his free time he reads Calvin and Hobbs, Garfield, and library books (I catch him reading the history and battle type books). He isn't quite at the point of wanting to pick up a chapter book and read it to himself yet.


Any type of fine arts is new to me, but I am thinking of looping through these three things so we are only working on one at a time:

-composer study and picture study from Simply Charlotte Mason (with the goal being of doing 1 of each over the course of the year)

-and a hands on but seemingly simple art like this http://www.chalkpastel.com/product/chalk-pastels-art-space/


As for extra activities, I would love to buy a piano and have at home lessons for the kids, but haven't figured it all out yet. We've thought about a sport, but with five kids it's a major ordeal. We'll have to think on it and look around.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mr. Inquisitive will be in 3rd grade. I'm not sure I'm emotionally prepared for that... He's relatively easy to plan for and teach because he is a very independent, workbook/textbook orientated learner. He likes to go over (as briefly as I can while still making sure he understands, lol) main concepts with me but otherwise just be turned loose with a checklist and all the books/papers/maps etc that he needs and then just go until he's done. I can only hope that this continues (not optimistic, but I'll hope...)


Anyway... for the most part we are just "doing the next thing" but there are a few things that he's specifically requested (Spanish, Latin, and Cursive) and a few other new things.


Reading: ​A loose list of fiction and nonfiction books that sometimes, but not always, tie into history and science

​Grammar: ​FLL 3

Writing: ​WWE 2

​Spelling: ​Spelling Workout C and possibly D

Cursive: ​Pentime 2&3

Math: ​MM 3A and 4B

History: ​SOTW 3

Science: ​RS4K Chemistry + whatever strikes his interest

Geography: ​Trail Guide to World Geography

Spanish: ​Song School Spanish

Latin: ​I Speak Latin

Art: ​Art Tango


Extras: ​Community soccer in the fall/spring, music lessons of some kind (probably either piano or violin), cooking lessons with me, and.... maybe swim lessons? (He can swim pretty well as my parents have a pool but he might enjoy something "official")





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This is our second time for 3rd grade, but this child is so different from the first!


Bible: James

Math: Teaching Textbooks 3

History: Mystery of History 3 (with brother)

Science: Apologia Science (co-op class), not sure which one they are doing yet

English: Cursive, Marie's Words, First Language Lessons 2, All About Reading 3 and 4, Spelling You See B or C (this is a new one for us!)

Foreign Language: Greek Alphabet Code Cracker

Elective: PE (co-op class)


I think that's it, along with some family read alouds, but I feel like I'm missing something.....

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This is what we have planned so far


All About Reading 4


All About Spelling 3 or Spelling U See


Zaner Bloser Cursive


Daily 6 Trait Writing 3




MUS Gamma




Apologia Botany and Mystery Science


Daily Geography 3


English From the Roots Up Latin/Greek


Continue piano lessons


I feel like I might be missing something, so I'll edit if I remember. 

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Science - Sassafras Twins Geology and the Astronomy half of Elemental Science Earth Science/Astronomy.


Math - Math Mammoth 3, Xtramath, Math on the Menu for Fridays.


Language Arts - AAS 2 and 3, FLL 3, AAR 3, Should I try WWE one more time?  Or maybe I will just make sure to do the dictation from FLL and AAS.  Science and history can easily have copywork, dictation, summarizing, etc.


Latin - Latina Christiana


History - Story of the World 3


Spanish - Duolingo, Getting Started with Spanish, Easy Peasy Spanish


Religion - Discover the Book of Mormon 1-3.


Music - Piano


Art - Child size masterpieces?  Drawing is Basic 3?  Maybe 4 and I will combine with older sis?


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All subject to change, especially if one of ds's sisters is homeschooled again next year.


Math:  CLE 300 with MM supplementation OR just transition over to MM and see where he lands, probably 2B to start.


Reading and Phonics:  AAR 4 or if he finishes that over the summer, then likely Elson Readers (which I love, love, love), but if we do BFB Medieval History that would be enough.


Science: If older sister is homeschooled then I'd like to do one of the Berean Builders books or Apologia Astronomy, and (see history below)

History and Literature:  I'd like to incorporate BFBooks Medieval History with above science somehow, or just read aloud SOTW 2 with supplemented books.


Grammar:  Might not even do this, or "I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth's Head."


Latin:  Prima Latina maybe?  This has a lot of grammar built in, so maybe our grammar will just come from this.


Writing:  Core Skills:  Writing Grade 2 or 3.


Spelling:  SpellWell or Spelling U See, what I do know is that AAS is not working for us, even though AAR has been great!


Vocabulary:  Wordly Wise 3000 3rd Edition Grade 2 or 3.


Bible:  Studying God's Word finish Book C and go to Book D



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  • 3 weeks later...

I don't know! Work in progress. Eldest child will be 3rd, then I will have a 1st grader and a 4yo. A lot of this is just continuing on with what we're doing, with some change-ups as needed. Right now, I'm taking stock of what worked well, what was a big flop, and what I can learn from those experiences to better guide the decisions I make for the upcoming year.


Math: continuing Right Start. Math Mammoth if necessary to change it up, as I already have it. Bedtime Math app and math games


Spelling: Maybe continuing LoE Essentials, maybe switching/breaking to Spelling Wisdom. Kid is a natural speller and it might not make sense to devote so much energy and time to spelling via LoE right now. I am planning on having him take the DORA assessment again, and if he has made big gains in spelling according to that (because I want objective here, hah!), we'll scale back LoE. If progress is less than expected, will keep up with LoE.


Handwriting: SCM's Hymns in Prose cursive


Other LA: more Brave Writer quiver, free writes, joining in on 1st grader's Jot it Down projects....maaaybe partnership?? Probably not partnership if I'm being honest with myself for what we can accomplish in a year.


Literature: Assortment of read-alones and read-alouds pulled from Beautiful Feet, Sonlight, ATTA, AO, Give Your Child the World, Brave Writer, etc. 


Science: continuing Mystery Science. Potentially doing SITB, or maybe Ellen McHenry something? BFSU was a big fail for me, I can tell ya that much.


History: continuing Beautiful Feet American book list. Perhaps getting SOTW on audio for in the car. Not really interested in the activities. Then again, maybe CHOW would work


Logic: more puzzles, maybe some more Prufrock Press offerings. Some apps. 


Latin: Something. Maybe SSL 


Spanish: I have SSS and Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and both are just getting ignored. I think I will buy the DVD for SSS and get started on that now; maybe that will help us actually get to it.


Other stuff: Maps, Charts, Graphs workbook, Vocabulary Cartoon of the Day (he usually gets a chuckle out of these), Mad Libs, Scratch, Snap Circuits, some sort of science tinker kit that isn't junk (need to buy), free art (i.e., I throw out misc. art materials and say have at it). Plenty of other stuff on my shelves, stuff obtained with good intentions but you know how it goes


I feel like I'm missing something.

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All About Reading 3

All About Spelling 2

I See Sam Readers Set 6, 7

Explode the Code 7 and 8

One Minute Reader App

Finish up Rightstart C and move onto D supplemented with Horizons

Story of the World 2

Zaner Bloser Grade 3 Cursive

Nancy Larson Science



*My 3rd grader is a struggling reader, hence all the reading reinforcement.  We also do a TON of readalouds and audiobooks. I am hoping to choose a couple of books and dig into them really deeply ala Adam Andrews/Teaching the Classics style.



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I'm digging up all the (relevant to me) planning threads. :laugh:  So sad I'm late to the party but getting a lot out of this all the same. 
TT3, 4 back in Math Mammoth with relevant parts of 2 and then into Math Mammoth 3
R&S 2 English 

Spelling Power The Modern Speller
Science in the Beginning or Apologia something-or-other
Sonlight B history/literature -- with a couple of siblings (OR piece something similar together myself) Ambleside Online 1

Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages
Various resources for coding, Spanish, ukulele, chess, drawing, touch typing, cursive/general legibility


...maybe Getting Started With Latin, Latin Memory Songs

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Just sketched this out yesterday.


Spelling: Spelling Workout (finish B and do C, I expect)


Handwriting: Universal Publishing Cursive and probably The Basics Manuscript from Copycat Books


Grammar: Voyages in English 3 and Beginning Sentence Diagramming from the Critical Thinking Co.


Writing: Just Write from EPS


Math: Singapore 3 (maybe supplement with Beast Academy 2 when it comes out)


Latin: Prima Latina (might add English Grammar Recitation)


Science: Elemental Science Biology


History and Literature: Bookshark 3


Usborne Reading Program for reading practice

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My older daughter is a rising 3rd grader and it has taken me a very long time to piece things together for her. She has a younger sister who is starting 1st and I really wanted to work out some stuff for them to do together.



Math - MEP 3; BA for fun

Reading - McGuffey 3 aloud

Writing - Getty-Dubay D

Spanish - Galore Park So You Really Want to Learn Spanish; Duolingo

Hebrew - Shalom Ivrit; various readers; Duolingo

Whole Person - Yoga and Meditate; Piano


Weekly or on Loop:

LA - Primary Language Lessons(?); copywork

Lit - see note below

History - see note below

Science - BFSU 3-5; MP Astronomy

PE - Tennis

Logic - Chess; Logic Liftoff(?)

Afternoon Electives - Nature Study; McIntyre's Drawing Textbook; MP Greek Myths


Circle Time with sister: Music appreciation, artist study, poetry, Shakespeare, folksongs all done the CM way; readings of a Jewish studies nature; mapwork and timeline entries; Mystery Science


History & Lit note: The last two years we've done mashups of History Odyssey and Build Your Library for Ancients and Medieval. I basically did the order the HO way but combined the BYL resources. I also did BYL lit which I personally feel is the star of the BYL show. However, I'd planned to use Mosdos for a while so I wasn't sure I needed to keep on with BYL. At the same time, my younger daughter is a less motivated student than my older daughter and I thought it would be good to organize history for them together. As it is, the only science I plan for my first grader is Mystery Science with big sis and whatever library books she wants. In the meantime, since older DD has already started history, and younger DD is not ready for it, I have decided to skip history entirely this year in favor of a geography year. I'm taking the BYL Kindergarten program as my spine and doing that for my 1st grader with 3rd grader doing that stuff plus Evan Moore Daily Geography and enrichment from Janice Van Cleave's Geography for Every Kid. We'll also do various kits and games I've been collecting. The BYL K program does a lot of lit readalouds from different parts of the world so older DD will enjoy those and I'll pull copywork from those for her. It'll be less work for her than she usually does for history, but she's super interested in Classics, so this will give me time to figure out if I want to go the MP history route with her or not.

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I think I finally decided. 


Grammar: FLL3

Spelling: Spelling Power

Writing: Intro to Composition and some Evan Moor books

Math: Math Mammoth

Literature: MP 3rd Grade selections w/o guides


MP Poetry for Grammar Stage

MP Christian Studies

MP Greek Myths

MP American History Books

Something for French???

Hoffman Academy

Drawing is Basic


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This is my second time through third grade, but last time around I was just using K12, so it's my first time actually planning out subjects. We spent most of this last year getting her reading skills on level.


Language Arts:

Reading: she'll be reading aloud to me everyday, building from 10 minutes to 20+. Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, Wayside School, Harry Potter, whatever it takes to keep her loving to read.

Literature: I think this might be the last year I also read aloud to her, we'll see. Ramona Quimby, Age 8, The Moffats, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Betsy, Tacy, and Tib, The Trumpet of the Swan, and a few others. The goal is for her to be in love with books.

Grammar: Exercises in English, level C

Spelling: Building Spelling Skills 3 (Evan Moor)

Composition: finish Writing Strands 2, then start Writing Strands 3. Alternate weeks of writing projects with weeks of journal writing.

Handwriting: she still needs practice with printing, so I'm going to use Start Write to print off copywork worksheets.


Math: Saxon Math 3


History: we'll start the year with Build Your Library's prehistory unit study, then move into Story of the World 1. My plan is to start every afternoon with a history basket and let the kids choose what they want to read/do. We'll probably finish the year between the Greeks and the Romans, but now that we're looping back around, I've decided I'm not in a rush to cover all of history, so we'll slow down if we all want to.


Science: finish RSO Chemistry, then start something else in the spring. Maybe use The Way Things Work as a spine.


Art: Artistic Pursuits 1, Drawing With Children, Artpac 3, plus weekly projects. This kid loves art.


Health/PE: 1 trimester of nutrition, 1 trimester of discussing various disabilities, and one trimester TBD. PE will include dancing and imagination-based active games with her older sister.


Life Skills: Typing Instructor for Kids -I'm hoping that with some keyboarding skills, she can do her composition on the computer more easily than by hand. We'll also work on continuing independence in the kitchen.


We'll wait to start Vocabulary From Classical Roots until 4th grade. Also, Logic. Spanish may wait until middle school. I want her to feel comfortable in her own language before starting her in another one.


ETA: Apart from what we're studying at home, she'll also be attending a weekly class at our local library for 6-12yo homeschoolers. They do various topics each week, from discussing book genres to writing and filming a movie. We'll probably also take classes at our local co-op. Previous classes have been fun stuff like games, art, drama.



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Got it down now:














Confessions of a Homeschooler units

Booklist to go with history









still kicking around ideas, either Atelier Art or k12

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