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2017-2018 6th Grade Planning Thread


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I've been putting this off. I think I have a plan now. I teach my almost 10 and almost 12 year olds together on most subjects. 


Writing: Writing with Skill 1 Part I-II (no farther than week 15) - I want them to work on outlines and will incorporate those into other subjects once done. We'll finish WWS1 in 7th. Killgallon for Middle School. They need to work on sentence structure and paragraphs. BW Arrows


Spelling: Apples and Pears for ds, Sequential Spelling for dd


Math: Math Mammoth with Khan Academy for review


Science: History of Science with science docs and lit tied into some topics. I found the NJROTC Naval Science 2 book  in PDF and could possibly use that as a spine. I wonder how advanced it is...It covers maritime history and maritime geography, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and physical science.


History: Story of the World Vol. 3 with outlines and historical fiction. Our history is never on the regular 4 year track. I'm pretty sure I'll pick up History Odyssey Early Modern level 2 because the outline work is done and most of our lit is on the reading list. I used it with my oldest and plan to drop Story of Mankind if I do use it again.

I also want to include a pirate unit tying lit, history, nautical science and some astronomy together. Dh and I are just about finished with Black Sails and I'm now fascinated with the politics of pirates well before the revolutionary war.


Music: Music Learning Community - I'm actually pretty happy with this. They go at their own pace. My oldest is using it to teach himself basic music notation, theory and ear-training. 


Lit: I'm pulling from both Bravewriter Arrows, LitWits and History Odyssey. Might be overkill in some cases, but I do like both and can drop some things. Doubt we'll get to all of these, but I like to have extras on my lists. 


A Wrinkle in Time - BW Arrow and LitWits

Journey to the Center of the Earth - BW Arrow and LitWits

Swallows and Amazons - LitWits 

Around the World in 80 Days - LitWits

Carry On Mr. Bowditch - BW Arrow, LitWits and HO

Johnny Tremain - BW Arrow, LitWits and HO

The Witch of Blackbird Pond - LitWits and HO


Captains Courageous

Treasure Island - LitWits

Mysterious Island

Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates

The Republic of Pirates - reviews are good, but I have to see if it's kid-friendly.

Breverton's Nautical Curiosities

Seafaring Lore and Legend

When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There's the Devil to Pay: Seafaring Words in Everyday Speech



The Phantom Tollbooth - It's becoming a tradition to starting the school year. LitWits


Reading: 1 hour independent reading. Ds is working his way through all of the Rick Riordan books. Dd hasn't picked out her series yet, but I'm pretty sure it will also be Rick Riordan, they'll just alternate which series.



Ds: Blender and coding. He loves animal facts. We've done small reports, but I'm thinking of having him make a book in Snapfish that puts everything he knows together. He can pull pictures from the web and write in facts. Once he's done, he'll have a nice keepsake. He's artistically-minded but doesn't like to crafty things. 


Dd: Ballet and same idea for the book because he can't possibly do something that she can't do. :001_rolleyes: She's super crafty and artsy and I still have a ton of scrapbooking materials left over from my cardmaking business, so I think her book will be a scrapbook. She'll have to decide on what topic. 


*I'm trying to decide if it would be easier to do Winterpromise Adventures in Sea and Sky. I've never used WP before and would have to make it secular. 

** There's an axe-throwing place near us. It says kids 7+ can throw. They have knives, blades and ninja stars too! There's also a local Pirate festival in April we can go to. Also learning to tie knots might be fun. 



Finally pretty much finalized. 


For me: The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down - I got the audiobook and I'm about halfway through now. I'd recommend it on audio even though it's a lot of facts, read aloud it's more like a narrative. There are a couple of parts that describe abuses children and sailors endured on British Naval and merchant ships that would make it not suitable for sensitive readers. The descriptions are brief and could be skipped over if you are prepared. I'd recommend it for non-sensitive high schoolers or adults who want a history lesson on pirates. 


Writing: Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar of a Story. BW Arrows & Boomerang for some books. 


Spelling: Apples and Pears for ds, Sequential Spelling for dd


Math: Math Mammoth with Khan Academy for review


Science: Nautical Science, Oceanography, Weather, Astronomy, Marine Biology, Earth Science - using books, Great Courses and documentaries.


History: Story of the World Vol. 3 Our history is never on the regular 4 year track. Watch history docs

World Atlas of Pirates: Treasures and Treachery on the Seven Seas - outlining

Atlas of Maritime History - already had


Music: Music Learning Community - I'm actually pretty happy with this. They go at their own pace. My oldest is using it to teach himself basic music notation, theory and ear-training. 


Art: Draw and Write through History - Pirates and Pilgrims


Lit: Many to choose from

Carry On Mr. Bowditch - BW Arrow

Johnny Tremain - BW Arrow

The Witch of Blackbird Pond - LitWits?


The Sign of the Beaver

Captains Courageous

Treasure Island - BW Boomerang or Memoria Press

Mysterious Island

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Hatchet - Arrow

My Side of the Mountain - Arrow

Robinson Crusoe - BW Boomerang

Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates

Breaverton's Nautical Curiosities: A Book of the Sea

Journey to the Center of the Earth - BW Arrow

A Wrinkle in Time - BW Arrow

The Phantom Tollbooth - It's becoming a tradition to starting the school year.


Documentaries & Movies

Smithsonian Channel has Blackbeard's ship doc and a clip about battle tactics

Ancient Discoveries

Horatio Hornblower


Reading: 1 hour independent reading. Ds is working his way through all of the Rick Riordan books. Dd hasn't picked out her series yet, but I'm pretty sure it will also be Rick Riordan, they'll just alternate which series.



Both: Knot-tying, archery, axe-throwing, projects fro Survival Kid, field trip to San Diego to see the tall ship. 

Dd: Ballet 

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I ended up far away from where I started! I like where we ended up and hopefully I can skip a few revision steps next year.


Math: AoPS

History: The Big History Project

Science: The Big History Project + Uzinggo

Literature: I compiled a list that will be a "world lit" class to go with The Big History Project, we'll also do a mythology unit and a Shakespeare unit

Spanish: Homeschool Spanish Academy

Grammar: Eats, Shoots & Leaves along with Killagon

Writing: They Say, I Say

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Now that fall is coming, and we're not on the boat full-time as of last week, I'm back to planning. My youngest is a rising 6th grader. He has some special needs that pose challenges, but he's a bright little guy with no learning disabilities. We use Google Classroom to manage his work, and he does as much written work as possible through Google docs. 



Excel Math

Aleks Quicktables



GamED Mindbytes

Novare Physical Science



Shmoop 6th grade World History


Writing and Grammar:

Cover Story

Daily handwriting practice



My own syllabus (still working on this)



Art and PE at co-op, weekly therapies, Boy Scouts

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What! I have to think about next year!  :scared:


He finally is finding a rhythm and not complaining (too much) about this year.... :sneaky2:


 You expect me to think about next year?! :svengo:



Here's what my limited brain-power can put forth right now:


Math-- Rod and Staff 6


Latin-- finish GSWL, then maybe begin Henle using Memoria Guide (if I can find it cheap)


Spelling-- continue with Spelling Plus and dictation


History and Geography -- maybe David Macaulay's books and whatever Genevieve Foster book he won't have fits over.  And Book of Marvels...


Lit.-- various bits of Ambleside Online's Year 4 and 5, plus whatever I can dig off the shelves here.  I might just throw the Treadwell SIxth Reader at him and call it good... He is such a goldilocks when it comes to reading material.


Science -- Sonlight Science E


Well, we start Tuesday, so this has to be it... :)


Math --still R&S 6


Latin -- GSWL, maybe we finish it, maybe we don't. Just keep swimming.


Spelling/Grammar/Comp -- Spelling Plus and dictation; begin the grammar bits of Warriner's 7 (finish next year) ; outlining w/ Kingfisher History Encyclopedia (first half of year) and then the sentence and paragraph chapters of Warriner's.


History-- Abraham Lincoln's World and then first half of SOTW 4 (see AO 5)


Literature-- eastern hemisphere focus, using Book of Marvels, Material World, and my Frankenstein-ed version of Linda Fay's Year 5 and SL


Science-- A Beka 6, so he can begin the skill of textbook reading. He's spreading 3 chapters out over the year so it doesn't overwhelm, and so he has some room for rabbit trails.

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Math: Saxon 54 followed by Saxon 65 Added Lifepac Grade 4 Math to brush up on basic skills. Then will go into Saxon 54 with doubled up lessons. 


Current Events: As stated above


LA: Lifepac LA - selected units from grade 4 & 5 to cover holes discovered by testing, then complete LA 6 {and possibly 7} of SOS  Unsure. I liked Lifepac 6 through MOnarch and it was a good fit, but the budget won't allow purchasing currently. I guess we'll go back to the workbook we were using but I'm not crazy about it. 


Writing: Writing from Lifepac LA 6, in addition work on basic essay writing 


Reading: Ditto above


History: Finish up Lifepac Grade 5 history, follow with Texas history to finish out year. 


Science: Start SOS Science 7 now, follow with Lifepac Science 8   MobyMax Science starting with Grade 6. 30 minutes per day active time. 


Health: Lifepac Health Quest


PE: Ditto original, with addition of Wii Fit / Dance games / etc  NO Wii on account of the TV died and I don't feel like replacing it with a possible upcoming move. 


Art: Ditto Original  I missed the deadline for the local program, so I guess no art this year. 


Life Skills: Ditto original. 


I'm still figuring stuff out. Ideally I'd just go for Monarch - we loved it and after editing out some lessons it worked well for LA and History and even Math actually. But I can't justify $40 a month on it right now. So I'm exploring other options. 

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HA!  I just realized that I have a 6th grader this year.  (He's my youngest.)  Here's what he's doing this year:




Math - Saxon 7/6


English - Rod & Staff English 6, Spelling Workout F, Zaner-Bloser Cursive, Book club plus literature that coordinates with history


History - Story of the World


Science - Little Passports science exploration kits (subscription)


Music - piano lessons, Meet the Great Composers


PE - homeschool group weekly class

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I can't believe my oldest will be in sixth!! Here's what I have planned so far...


MUS finish epsilon, then zeta

*Considering switching to math Mammoth

Spelling you see level G


*He switched to Fix It Grammar and is much happier. So next year he'll do Fix It level 2.

We tried IEW's SWI-B for a few weeks, and it's just meh. We are going to try Brave Writer next year. So the Arrow plus either Partnership Writing or Faltering Ownership.

BF history of science

*BF geography

BF history of California

*Funschooling journal twice a week

Physics using RS4K, TOPS electricity and magnetism, and various kits.


Duo lingo Spanish


Well we started last week, so things are pretty much set now.


Math: Math Mammoth 5


LA: Spelling You See G. Brave Writer Arrows and Partnership Writing, as well as the whole 'lifestyle'. Everything BW has gone well so far, so I am excited to give free writing a try. He will also read classic literature, I don't have a list made, will just pick as we go along. First up is Treasure Island. I also have in mind Sherlock Holmes, a Zane Grey Western, and Tarzan.


History: Beautiful Feet California history


Geography: Beautiful Feet geography combined with Thinking Tree's United States journal


Science: Evan Moore daily science 4 plus a physics focus; Real Science 4 Kids Focus On Middle School Physics (textbook only), Tiner's World of Physics, TOPS electricity and magnetism.


Extras: piano, drawing, nature study, in August we did a unit on Shakespeare, and in January we will do one on a composer.

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We started this Monday and so far so good! Kids are enjoying everything we are doing so far.


Math: One is doing Singapore 6A/6B Textbook, Wkbook and Intensive Practice, the other starts Intro to Algebra B AoPS online in a week and a half.


History and Science: Big History Project, with lots of supplemental readings and docus, and we hope to do RFWP Ferret Ecology at the end of the year.


Creative Writing: Adventures in Fantasy


Literature: Lit Guides, Shmoop, and a few units from my new favorite teacher on TPT -- we will cover Hobbit, Giver, Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice, a short story unit, Sherlock Holmes, a poetry unit, and Midsummer Night's Dream. 


Geography: Using Draw South America and whichever continent they want to follow up with


Music: How to Listen to and Understand Great Music Teaching Company course 


Art: Not sure yet-- will do after we finish the Music course

Extras: Piano Lessons for both, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Stage Combat class for ds11, and 13 hours a week of ballet for dd11! That will get interesting for all of us. 

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Literature - coming up with a list

Math - Math Mammoth 6

Writing - Writing with Skill 1

Spelling - All About Spelling 5, start 6

Grammar - Grammar for TWTM

Logic - Logic Liftoff series, Fallacy Detective

History - HO Level 2 Ancients, start Middle Ages

Science - finish RSO Physics, short units on rocketry, robotics and bridges/tunnels

Art - art club 1x per month, drawing, museums/experiences

Music- experiences, maybe guitar

PE - swim, running

After getting a start on the year I realized that we needed to make some changes. We are all, kids and mom, burned out on WTM style writing and grammar. When everyone dreads doing it then I feel like it's time for a change, at least temporarily. I still love it, but we need a break! My son also wants more independence. So here is my 6th grade DS's revised list.


Math - Math Mammoth 6

Literature - coming up with our own list

Writing - The Arrow, Partnership Writing/Faltering Ownership, Brave Writer lifestyle stuff, also going to start to work through the Killgallon middle school books

Spelling - Megawords

Grammar - Grammar and Punctuation 6th Grade

Logic - Logic Liftoff series

History - History Odyssey Level 2 Ancients, then Middle Ages

Science - Holt Science and Technology Earth Science

Fine Arts - art club, experiences, etc.

P.E. - swimming, running ?

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