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electronic databases for high schoolers?

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I recently read a blog post by Dr Jay Wile, which quoted another blog post that had some unscientific/casual advice from college professors about homeschool students - their strengths, weaknesses, what parents can do better, etc.




I was surprised that one of the professors quoted stated that homeschool students needed to know how to search electronic databases *before* they get to college. I knew they needed to know how to document sources using MLA or some other documention system, but I guess I just thought books and documents found in the library and using Google were sufficient for high school work.


I went to college in the stone ages :lol: and I remember vaguely searching something called ERIC I believe? But I definitely never knew anything about it til after I got to college. Is this something you all have your high school students do? If so, what electronic databases do you teach them to use and how do you get access to these sources? I doubt my small town library offers that type of resource.



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I have a friend who is a public school librarian who turned me on to the importance of the online databases. My high schoolers and even my middle schooler have used them. Once they were introduced to them it became their primary means of research. It is easy and convenient.


We have one available free through our state. I would check with your public library or local college as far as what is available.


My kids have taken freshman comp at the local university and it was covered there as well.

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Check your local library. I have used EBSCO while in middle school in the 80s. My teachers made us use the microfilms anyway so EBSCO was actually easier.



State university library that anyone in the region can get a library card and use because of a collaboration/agreement with the city it is in. The list is very long http://libguides.sjsu.edu/az.php


City library that people outside that city can still get a free library card. Their collection is smaller but still good. Scroll down to Homework help and there is a subsection called Middle School, High School and Beyond


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Unclear as to what exactly he is referring to, unless he is means learning how to use the internet for research AND how to discern what is a credible, academic/scientific source of information for papers. (So, not Wikipedia or random website articles.)


While in high school, I did have DSs learn how to cite sources (book, periodical, and electronic sources), but we didn't use any specialized electronic databases. The only time DSs used electronic databases were when they were in college -- either the community college (CC) or university -- and these provided access to a huge amount of academic peer-reviewed articles and research. However, you had to be a student of the CC or university to access the school's database, so that's not going to be an option for high schoolers unless they're doing dual enrollment.


The only thing I can come up with that is available to middle/high school students is perhaps the much smaller databases offered directly through school systems or local public libraries? Examples:


Electronic Library for Minnesota

Boston Public Schools Library & Media Services

Lake Washington School District: Useful Research Databases for High School Students



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I remember ERiC. (Pre internet days)


Online database for searching for academic articles, that were not open to the general public.

I think now a days if you search, you can find the abstracts for articles like that, but have to pay to get the actual research.


So, not " just" a Google search.

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Thanks for the ideas, I will check some of these out!


I'm also glad to know I'm not so far behind the times that all of you knew what he was talking about and have been doing it for years while I've been ignorant! 😀


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