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at an easy/gentle grade 3 level

- something by Clyde Bulla (Riding the Pony Express, The Secret Valley, A Lion to Guard Us...)

- Little House in the Big Woods (Wilder)

- The Courage of Sarah Noble (Dalgliesh)

- Pocahontas and the Strangers (Bulla)

- Marco Polo (Graves)

- Cleopatra (Stanley)

- Pedro's Journal (Conrad)

- Stone Fox (Gardiner)

- The Apple and the Arrow (Buff)

- The Bears on Hemlock Mountain (Dalgliesh)

- Skippack School (de Angeli)

- Twenty and Ten (Bishop)

- The Light at Tern Rock (Sauer)


at an average grade 3 level

- Little House On the Prairie (Wilder)

- something by Beverly Cleary (Henry & Ribsy, Ramona, The Mouse and the Motorcycle...)

- Understood Betsy (Fisher)

- The Moffats (Estes)

- All-of-a-Kind Family (Taylor)

- Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill (Lovelace)

- B is for Betsy (Haywood)

- Ivy and Bean (Blackall)

- Clementine (Pennypacker)

- Frindle (Clements)

- The Boxcar Children (Warner)

- Sarah Plain and Tall (MacLachlan)

- Dolphin Adventure; Dolphin Treasure (Grover)

- Mr. Popper's Penguins (Atwater)

- My Father's Dragon (Gannett)

- The Whipping Boy (Fleischman)

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Dahl)


at an advanced grade 3 level

- On the Banks of Plum Creek (Wilder)

- Mountain Born (Yates)

- The Toothpaste Millionaire (Merrill)

- Naya Nuki, The Shoshone Girl Who Ran (Thomasa)

- Trumpet of the Swan (White)

- Black Beauty (Sewell)

- Misty of Chincoteague (Henry)

- Mr. Revere and I; Ben and Me (Lawson)

- Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (MacDonald)

- The Wizard of Oz (Baum)

- The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (Cameron)

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The 100-year-old secret (Tracy Barrett) - this is a series of 4 books

300 minutes of danger (My daughter likes high action - might recommend more for boys)

The Magician's Nephew or The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe 

Any of the Roald Dahl Books

My daughter devoured Diary of a Wimpy Kid in 2nd grade - not usually something I would recommend, but it kept her reading through a more resistant phase and helped her move on to other more typical chapter books, so she would recommend them

Any of Alexander McCall Smith's children's books

The shorter Michael Morpurgo books which pave the way for the longer ones

Any Dick King Smith


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Can people list of maybe 5-10 books for a 3rd grader to read. I want good books like charlottes web .. not magic tree house ;)


Magic Tree House may not be deathless literature, but it's perfectly adequate for a child who is just starting to read chapter books. That same child would probably not be ready for Charlotte's Web. What books has your child been able to read thus far?

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Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne

Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

Sarah, Plain and Tall (can't remember the author)

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary 

The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert O'Brien

Little House in the Big Woods

Freckle Juice by Judy Blume



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