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I just bought Jacobs Geometry (3rd edition) through My Father's World. In looking at the Cathy Duffy review website, I see a 3rd edition (with a different cover) enhanced teacher's guide. 1st question - Is this teacher's guide helpful/needed? I didn't take geometry in high school, so I will be studying this spring & summer before my daughter begins it next fall. 2nd question - If needed, would it work with the edition that I bought at MFW? Thanks for any feedback.

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Back several years ago, MFW was selling the "teacher guide" in the package only because it has solutions.  A good majority of the teacher guide contained classroom helps and notes about transparencies, and things that just weren't part of homeschool setting, so mfw never scheduled that stuff.  I had two children do that mfw package and we only used the teacher book for solutions.  The other stuff didn't seem all that helpful.  There was also a section (in the teacher guide)  on optional software that we never needed. If that was important in college life, my oldest hasn't experienced that need and she's a junior in college majoring in computer science, electrical engineering and a third major in math. ;)

Anyway, back to mfw edition:  3rd edition of jacobs geometry was going out of print.  Mr. Jacobs worked with MFW to get reprint rights and MFW pulled the solution and needed materials from the old guide into solutions/answer/lesson plans stuff.  So what was needed, is there in the mfw covers of 3rd edition.   By the way, the reason the mfw price is so crazy low right now for the whole geometry package has something to do with another publisher will be taking the printing of jacob's geometry and change in stock. once that happens, I won't know how they compare :)


I don't think you'll need the "enhanced teacher's guide" for any of those extras. My oldest (math genius) didn't need it. Neither did I with my middle child who is 'slow to average".  But if you find a copy of it somewhere for cheap price and think you may benefit, then yes, it will go with the mfw version.


hope some of those trivia helps you a bit.  I helped my middle daughter in the course by reading the material and working alongside with her.  Often I'd have to her talk through proofs on some problems.



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Thank you cbollin. I loved reading the trivia! I won't go looking for that enhanced teacher's guide, but if I happen to see it at a used book sale, I'll give it a glance. I was also wondering about the price. I had looked at the curriculum a few weeks ago & saw that it was $100. When I was ready to order, I saw the $40 price & jumped on it!

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