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How much of Foerster Algebra and Trig book to cover Algebra II?

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We are about to start using Foerster Algebra and Trig book next week.  We were supposed to start earlier this year, but we ended up repeating Algebra I using Foerster book since they initially used MUS for Algebra I.  I want to know how much to use for Algebra II.  We will be doing Pre-calculus next year, and still haven't figured out what text to use.  I have read that some are not as fond of Foerster for Pre-calculus.  I will have to use something at home for Pre-calculus as money is tight, and we will have no funds for online options.  





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Conventional wisdom is that the first 12 chapters are Algebra 2, but the more I look at Foerster, the more I think we're going to do the whole book. We might do Derek Owens for PreCalc, but we finish the non-trig precalc topics with ALEKs or something off of the list of recommended texts from the author of the Novare book (which I notice does not contain Foerster's PreCalc book): https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AODVtO1FFFkHTdc&cid=698BD5FB30473AFB&id=698BD5FB30473AFB%211004&parId=698BD5FB30473AFB%21994&o=OneUp


There is also Philfour, which can be for free or very economically.




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