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Just a comment - funny AAR1


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 A little background: I have two kids. DS6 is now in PS 1st grade and actually doing  well after homeschooling until Dec of last year (I agonized and still do over PS). DD4 (almost 5) will go to K next year and we are homeschooling pre-K like I did with DS.


I know any mom of many would smile and tell me they could have told me all kids are unique and their own person. And of course I know that. But sometimes it is so clear!!


So I just started on lessons 1 and 2 of AAR1. Yesterday we were doing a little activity with ice cream cut outs. She was supposed to read the words, find the rhyming pair (tan-Jan) and make a two scoop ice cream cone. Well - while I started DS half way through RR1 - I know he would have made the ice creams with glue and that would have been it. No coloring or real relish. DD??!?!? 


She created an ice cream stand. Each set of scoops was its own flavor. It was colorful and took her longer than 30 minutes to finish all the different combinations. We did not "finish" what I had planned for us to do. We couldn't finish! She was too excited to go to her room and use her plastic ice cream food and plastic donuts and create an ice cream stand for her dolls. She had a great time.


However, it was SO MUCH FUN for her, that the words were an annoyance she had to go through to make the ice creams. It became a super fun craft. We are certainly not "done" with lesson 2. And that is ok.


I am not complaining. I am just remarking that kids are so different and adorable in their own ways. She is learning at her own pace and I just hope to make sure that academically she is like the kids who are going to fancy all day preschools around here. And now that I have one kid in PS I have a pretty good idea of what she is expected to know (use scissors, read some CVC words, write all letters, her name and numbers to 10).


We are good :)

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That is hysterical! And fantastic. I love when they get an idea in their heads and take off with it. It is so fun to watch!


My two are stereotypically boy and girl. My girl would decorate and do crafts forever and sounds a lot like your daughter. Whereas my son has very little interested in crafting. He's only 3, but at that age my daughter loved crafts and cooking. Mine also learn differently. My daughter seems to be somewhat of a traditional student whereas my son is one who seems to learn through osmosis and picking things up from his environment. I'm glad she's loving AAR. I plan to start AAS1 with my 5 year old soon and I'm looking forward to it. We LOVE all about learning press. We did the pre reading level and switched to Ordinary Parents Guide for our phonics lessons. But I'm looking forward to using their spelling program. 


And as far as regular preschool academics, I think your daughter sounds like she is excelling. My daughter goes to half day public preschool. They do not learn reading. It's a lot of phonemic awareness. Rhyming, letter sounds, identifying sounds, and such. I'm not even sure how much writing they do there. It is completely play based which I love and appreciate for these early years. We do reading and writing at home. And some math too. So your daughter is way ahead of the game if we're comparing to preschool programs! Now private preschools that claim to teach reading, I honestly don't trust them. While some preschoolers can read, it's definitely not the norm or something teachers should expect. 

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