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Question for transcript divas! app going in today


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Have you ever given more than a full credit for a yearlong course?

The one I'm considering is an AP Comp and Lit course that wasn't through the public school but through a very demanding college/dual enrolled course.


Also, is there a transcript "expert" out there who wouldn't mind looking over our transcript today and tell us what you think? If so, please pm me. I want to get it all in today. It's two pages and no course descriptions.


Thank you!!

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I pretty much stuck with one high school credit per 3-4 credit college course.


One CC had a 6 credit Precalculus course that was the equivalent of two one semester courses. I might have given more credit for that one given the specific situation.


I gave one credit for AP Eng Lit, with a weighted grade for AP. I also weighted CC college level English courses.

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