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anybody know about becoming speech therapy assistant in Texas?

AngieW in Texas

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My 21yo graduated with her BS in Speech Pathology and Early Childhood Development back in May. She has had a hard time finding a job. She found a part-time job as an AVID tutor, but it was working with high school students, which didn't work out very well since she just barely made it to 5 feet tall and looks like she's about 15yo. She does great with preK and elementary kids, but has never connected with high schoolers, not even when she was a high schooler. She applied to preschools, daycare centers, and elementary schools, but a high school in one of the districts where she applied for elementary called her in for an interview and they were the only ones to actually offer her a job. 


She does not have the observation and clinical hours required to get a Speech Language Pathology Assistant license. Should she go ahead and take the PRAXIS test so she can apply for jobs as a SLPA, just letting them know that they will have to agree to fill out the supervisor paperwork and give her the required observation and clinical hours? 


She's planning to go back to school to get her MS in Speech Pathology, but she needs to work for a couple of years to earn the money to pay for it. We were able to help with the BS degrees for all three of our kids, but we are tapped out and can't really help with the MS degree. 

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