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So reading through the thread about homeschool things we just don't get, I found there were several people who actually DO homeschool their kids through high school (sans Duel Enrollment (DE) or outsourcing everything), and it seems we need our own community.


Maybe this will allow us a place to hang out together and offer suggestions for how to increase our teens friendship circle as well.


My daughter is 18, in her senior year. We've homeschooled her all through high school with one science class outsourced. The only other outsourced class was theater (Performing Arts), which is kind of necessary as that's a full time job in itself to organize that! Plus both kids get time with other kids their age that way.


But in this respect what I don't understand is if people get along and enjoy each other's company, why don't they CALL each other and make plans? After checking with their parents first, of course!  :p


Anyway, wanted to say you all are NOT alone! :hurray:



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There is a highschool board on this forum, and there are plenty of people there who homeschool high school without, or with only minimal, outsourcing. Just come over, there's plenty of community. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Forgive me not quite awake mind for that. I completely spaced this fact. 

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